Port Fairy Coastal and Structure Plan – C69moyn

In August 2018, Council adopted the Port Fairy Coastal and Structure Plan (the PFCSP), to inform and guide sustainable and equitable growth and development in Port Fairy. The PFCSP was developed with the assistance of government authorities, key stakeholders, and the community.

PFCSP Overall Structure Plan for webpage.jpg

Council also authorised the preparation of an amendment to the Moyne Planning Scheme to implement the land use and development framework of the Plan.

The Amendment implements provisions that aim to:

  • Provide necessary residential growth capacity for the coming decades;
  • Simplify the existing network of Design and Development Overlays;
  • Protect the Belfast Lough environs;
  • Reduce erosion risks at South Beach and East Beach;
  • Reduce risk to life and property from flooding and coastal inundation;
  • Provide a buffer around the Wannon Water Port Fairy Water Reclamation Plant;
  • Provide additional commercial capacity in the town centre; and
  • Reduce requirements for additional car parking in the town centre.

This map(PDF, 1MB) shows the affected land in and around Port Fairy.

To view a copy of the Amendment C69moyn documents as exhibited, refer to the View Supporting documentation section below. A hard copy is also available to be viewed during office hours at the Moyne Shire Council office in Princes Street, Port Fairy.

Process to date

Amendment C69moyn was authorised by the Minister for Planning on 4 March 2020, and released for public exhibition from 14 May to 28 July 2020.

A total of 86 submissions were received during exhibition. In August 2020, following an initial review of the submissions, Amendment C69moyn was placed on hold to enable additional flood modelling to be undertaken, ensuring that robust and thorough information provides the basis for the Amendment.

Hydrology and Risk Consulting Pty Ltd were appointed to undertake the additional flood modelling, which was completed in August 2021.

The revised modelling was released for public consultation between 16 December 2021 and 31 January 2022. A further 65 submissions were received, including 2 late submissions and 23 supplementary submissions from previous submitters, for a total of 128 submissions.

The submissions can be downloaded below, in addition to the Flood Summary Report 2021 and related maps, and the exhibited Amendment documents.

Note: some of the submissions reference Amendment C75moyn although their content relates to Amendment C69moyn; these have been reallocated with submitters’ permission. Where submissions address both amendments, the relevant comments have been assigned to each.

Hard copies are also available to be viewed during office hours at the Moyne Shire Council office in Princes Street, Port Fairy.

Following the further consultation period, the formal amendment process for Amendment C69moyn resumed, and all submissions received during both engagement periods were considered by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 1 March 2022.

Council resolved to abandon the parts of the Amendment relating to the application of the Parking Overlay (PO) to the commercial town centre, and the application of the Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO) to the Wannon Water Port Fairy Water Reclamation Plant, and to refer the remaining submissions to a Planning Panel.

In assessing the submissions, Council noted that the Port Fairy Car Parking Strategy 2017 found the existing supply of parking to be adequate for the population, and offered other recommendations to manage heightened demand during peak periods.

Funds to improve the overall parking amenity in the town centre, including initiatives to formalise existing unmarked spaces, upgrade signage, improve lighting, improve pedestrian access, and provide shade to existing car parking areas, are generally captured through Council’s budget process.

Council officers propose to undertake the necessary research to consider interface requirements at Port Fairy’s key industrial sites, including the Port Fairy Water Reclamation Plant, and to determine the appropriate application of the ESO and/or the Buffer Area Overlay (BAO) as part of Council’s ongoing Strategic Work Program. Authorization for an amendment to implement the resulting recommendations will be sought at a later date if required.

Read the full Council report here

Next Steps

Following council’s resolution, a planning panel has been appointed to hear submissions to the amendment.

The Planning Panel Hearing is being held between Monday, 5 September and Tuesday, 20 September 2022. (See Timetable below.)

Days 1-5 and 10-11 (5-9 and 19-20 September) are being conducted at Council’s offices in Princes Street, Port Fairy, while Days 6-10 (12-16 September 2022) are to be held at Planning Panels Victoria, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne.

Submitters and the public may attend the hearing in-person, or via Zoom using the link below, although only parties who have registered to speak may address the panel.

Planning Panel hearing video link:


Or dial in (audio only):

Call (03) 7018 2005

Meeting ID: 881 4645 6928 Passcode: 953977   

As with in-person hearings, please be advised that the hearing must not be recorded in any part or in any way without permission from the panel. This includes audio and video recording.

Following the hearing, the panel will prepare a report with recommendations for council regarding the amendment. Once the recommendations of the panel are received, council must determine whether to adopt or abandon all or part of the amendment. The Minister for Planning makes the final decision as to whether an adopted amendment is approved.

Panel Hearing Documents

C69moyn-Timetable-v3(PDF, 411KB)

View Supporting Documents

C69moyn-Draft-Port-Fairy-Local-Floodplain-Development-Plan-2021.pdf(PDF, 785KB) 
C69moyn-Flood-Summary-Report-2021.pdf(PDF, 9MB)
C69moyn-Updated-Proposed-FO-LSIO-Map-PortFairy.pdf(PDF, 2MB)
C69moyn-Updated-Proposed-FO-LSIO-Map-PortFairyWest.pdf(PDF, 882KB)
C69Moyn-Updated-Proposed-FO-LSIO-PortFairyEast.pdf(PDF, 803KB)

Exhibited Documents

Download a ZIP file containing the exhibited documents here(ZIP, 94MB)


Planning Panel Documents

Proposed Site Visit Itinerary(DOCX, 2MB)
Submission-69a-1-of-1_Redacted.pdf(PDF, 178KB)
Submission-69a-1-of-2_Redacted.pdf(PDF, 5MB)