Public health forms

 If you are starting a new business and think you may be required to obtain approvals from multiple Council Departments please undertake our self-assessment checklist and use our Combined Application Form to submit your application.

Accommodation premises

Prescribed Accommodation Information Guide(PDF, 872KB)
Application form prescribed accommodation premises(PDF, 427KB)
Transfer form prescribed accommodation premises(PDF, 62KB)
Caravan Parks Guide 2016(PDF, 1MB)
Application form caravan parks(PDF, 59KB)
Transfer form caravan parks(PDF, 41KB)
Permission to allow inspection and release information and documents(PDF, 21KB)

Food premises

Food Premises Information Guide(PDF, 2MB)
Temporary Food Premises Guidelines(PDF, 1MB)
Submit plans form for food premises(PDF, 456KB)
Application form to register food premises(PDF, 456KB)
Notification form food premises(PDF, 82KB)

Application forms to register temporary food premises, mobile food premises and food vending machines forms are available on the Streatrader website

Health premises

Health Premises Guide 2016(PDF, 775KB)
Submit plans form for health premises(PDF, 68KB)
Application form to register health premises(PDF, 366KB)
Permission to allow inspection of health premises and release of information and documents
(PDF, 61KB)

On-site Wastewater Management Systems (including Septic Tank Systems

Application-to-amend-transfer-renew-OWMS(PDF, 370KB)
Application-to-construct-install-alter-OWMS(PDF, 107KB)