Rural Access

The Rural Access program seeks to work in partnership with local groups and organisations, businesses and the broader community to develop new ways of including people with a disability in the life of their communities
The program plans and develops projects that cover the full range of community infrastructure, including education and training, transport, health, accommodation and housing, the physical environment, community planning, communication and information, sport and recreation, arts and culture, community events and activities and community awareness.

Scooter Recharge Scheme
The Scooter Recharge Scheme provides power points for emergency charging of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs.
Recharge stickers are displayed on the windows of participating businesses so you can easily find them. There are also recharge stickers placed above or near power points so you can quickly locate which power point has been designated for you to use.
Recharge points are provided as a community service and the operation of the recharge facility and security of mobility aids remains the user’s responsibility, a list of local recharge points are available here(PDF, 787KB).
Further information and locations of recharge power points can also be found online at

Portable access ramp
The Rural Access program has a portable access ramp available for use by not-for-profit community groups.
For further information download the information sheet(DOCX, 125KB) and  booking application form(DOC, 189KB) 

Portable accessible toilet
In order to facilitate participation by people with a disability in community events, the Rural Access program has a portable accessible toilet available for use by not-for-profit community groups.
For further information download the booking application form here(PDF, 77KB).
Assistance animals
The Moyne Shire Council respects the rights of owners with Sight or Hearing Dogs to full access to the community, more details can be found here(PDF, 731KB).    

Assistive Equipment

The Rural Access program provides a range of assistive equipment to improve accessibility at local events. Please download a copy of the list of equipment available here(PDF, 237KB).
Welcoming Business Program
A 'Welcoming Business' is a business that meets a range of criteria around easy access, visible signage and good customer service. A Welcoming Business must be endorsed by the council's Rural Access Program.
To receive Welcoming Business endorsement, businesses must satisfy a set of minimum standards relating to physical access, clear signage and communication as well as good customer service. Non-profit organisations can be given 'Welcoming Environment' endorsement.
The Welcoming Business Program can help businesses improve access for current customers and attract new customers. For more details click here(PDF, 139KB)
Moyne Shire Access Guide
The Moyne Shire Access Guide provides information on the accessible features located in the towns of Moyne Shire, in particular accessible toilets and accessible parking bays. It also lists key buildings and landmarks in each town. Click here(PDF, 3MB)to download a copy of our access guide.