Koroit Township renewal

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Koroit Township renewal is Council's number one priority project and proposes an upgrade of the streetscapes on Commercial Road and High Street. The plans were developed in consultation with the community and adopted by Council in November 2021. 

What is the Koroit Township Renewal Project?

The Project previously known as the Koroit Streetscape Plan since 2019 through a program of community engagement, planning and design work, with the Streetscape Plan was adopted by Council in November 2021.  The project covers the main central business and recreation areas of the town from Bega to the Commercial Hotel, High Street from Commercial Road to the Botanic Gardens, and the Village Green.

The project aim to upgrade the footpath, street furniture and other installations to improve the amenity, safety and useability for residents, businesses and visitors.

The project – which has been designated key priority project status by Council – aims to support economic activity and residential growth in Koroit through the development of functional and attractive streetscapes in the town’s commercial centre.  Consistent with the community’s vision, the project will deliver a modern and vibrant town centre that reflects Koroit’s rich heritage and enhances the town’s distinctive country charm.


What does the overall project look like?

The project incorporates aesthetic and functional improvements to streetscapes in Commercial Road and High Street, Koroit.

The project has been divided in into five key precincts to reflect the different functions these spaces perform.  Project design features and elements have been matched to the visual and functional objectives of each precinct.

Recent updates to project design plans and costings have been completed by Council to support funding attraction for the project.  The total project cost is $9.46 million with an estimated additional $6 million being generated through economic flow-on benefits. 




What are the key features proposed for each precinct?

1: Central Retail & Business Precinct - Cost estimate: $4.96m

Accessibility and amenity are key drivers of streetscape improvements proposed for Koroit’s Central Retail and Business Precinct.

Project elements support commercial activity and investment, as well as facilitating pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access to local businesses.

In line with regional business and tourism strategies, the streetscape reflects a heritage aesthetic while providing contemporary standards of convenience and accessibility. Key project elements include:

  • Undergrounding of overhead power lines and electrical service crossings.
  • Sawn bluestone pedestrian pavements.
  • Retention of on-street car parking.
  • Streetside electric vehicle charging points.
  • Road remediation and resurfacing.
  • Advanced street trees, landscaping and street furniture including benches, bollards, bins and bicycle racks.
  • High-efficiency LED street lighting.

2:  Western Business Precinct - cost estimate $2.7m

Situated to the west of Koroit’s central Retail and Business Precinct, the Western Business Precinct achieves an easy transition from commercial functionality to community open space.

The streetscape incorporates heritage-style paving, additional street trees and landscaping at intersections to soften site lines and signal less intensive commercial activity on the approach to the Village Green.

 Key project elements include:

  • Undergrounding of overhead power lines and electrical service crossings.
  • Sawn bluestone pedestrian pavements.
  • Road remediation and resurfacing.
  • Planting of mature street trees and construction of new garden beds.
  • High-efficiency LED street lighting.
  • Ample provision of bench seating.
  • Banner poles denoting the Village Green entrance. 

3: Eastern Entry Precinct – cost estimate $314,000

The Eastern Entry Precinct is the gateway to Koroit’s town centre. The precinct signals a change of function with mature street trees, fully constructed pedestrian access and seating outside Koroit and District Primary School.

The precinct provides pedestrians with easy access to the Retail and Business Precinct, as well as recreational facilities located in High Street to the south. Key project elements include:

  • New asphalt pedestrian pavements.
  • New bluestone kerbing.
  • Planting of mature street trees.
  • New street furniture including bench seating. 

4:   High Street – cost estimate $1.06m

Intersecting Commercial Road, High Street is the southern gateway to Koroit’s central business precinct.

Linking Koroit with Tower Hill and Princes Highway to the south, High Street also connects the community’s recreational facilities with the town centre.

Streetscape upgrades provide improved pedestrian access between the town’s recreational and commercial activity zones, as well as offering visual cues to a change of function as visitors travel north towards the town centre. Key project elements include:

  • Sawn bluestone pedestrian pavement and banner poles at Victoria Park entrance.
  • Formalised car parking and school crossing.
  • Planting of mature street trees.
  • New asphalt pedestrian pavements.
  • Tapered kerbstones with tactile indicators.
  • Repairs to bluestone kerbing. 

5: Village Green – cost estimate $429,000

Situated on the northern side of Commercial Road, just west from the town’s business and retail precinct, the Village Green is a focal point for community activities and the heart of the annual Koroit Irish Festival.

Moyne Shire Council has recently completed the construction of a new permanent performance stage, with funding support from local manufacturer, Bega, Koroit Irish Festival and the Victorian State Government. The project provides for additional amenity upgrades to support existing activities and encourage new uses. Key project elements include:

  • Electric BBQ and dining shelter and p• Planting of advanced shade trees.
  • EV charging points.
  • Construction of new garden beds and lawn treatments.
  • Park furniture including communal table with seating, bins, water fountain and bicycle racks.
  • Clustered banner poles. 





What works have been completed so far?

Council has worked closely with the Koroit and District Progress Association (KDPA) on project planning and implementation of some key works.  To date these works include:

  • Installation of new bluestone paving around the IGA building in Commercial Road and Station Street
  • In partnership with Bega and Koroit Irish Festival, Council has facilitated the development of the new community stage facility at the Village Green
  • Development of design and costings for undergrounding of power crossovers between High Street and Station Street
  • Designs and features of new street furniture and other installations
  • Development of a funding advocacy document being presented to State and Federal Government ministers and representatives.

The KDPA have also established a fundraising committee to support the attraction of community contributions and other grants towards the replacement of street furniture. 


What are the timeframes for future works?

Council have appointed Powercor to undertake design and costings works for full undergrounding of power in the two main project areas of Commercial Road:

  1. Central Retail and Business Precinct; and
  2. Western Business Precinct.

It is anticipated that this report will be completed early 2023.

Implementation and timing of future works is reliant on funding outcomes, so at this time it is not possible to provide a project timeline.  However, implementation planning will continue as Council and the community advocate for this critical government support.  This will include

  • Development of a detailed project communication and engagement plan
  • Assessment of interim footpath treatments to address pedestrian and user safety
  • Ongoing engagement with key stakeholders including Powercor, VicRoads, Wannon Water and other utility and service providers
  • Development of a business and community continuity plan to minimise and manage impacts of any future works
  • Once funding is secured final works plans, risks management plans, tender documentation, permits and approvals will be completed.

Council will continue to make announcements and provide timely updates on future works to the community and business operators. 

Who do we contact if we need more information?

For more information or to make contact with Council in relation to works please contact us as below:

Email: moyne@moyne.vic.gov.au – please mark the subject line Koroit Township Renewal Project

Tel: 1300 65 65 65 Your enquiry will be directed to the appropriate project officer. 



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