Small Town Incentive Grant

The small-town incentive grant aims to assist with unlocking existing vacant lots within smaller townships located within the Moyne Shire and incentivise eligible applicants to build/relocate housing onto properties within existing/and or appropriately zoned land. 

Program Details

The program is aimed at bolstering the housing supply at a modest scale with the $ contribution being possibly used for wastewater installation (septics), plan drawings, driveway establishment etc. 
The program will also aim to:

  • Encourage housing in smaller townships.
  • Highlight benefits associated with living in smaller townships, including;
  • Affordability, sense of community, reduced traffic, quiet lifestyle, and proximity to amenities
  • Supporting our small towns by contributing towards retention of services such as schools, shops, community halls etc.

Achieving these goals will ultimately strengthen the relationship between Council and our smaller townships.

Applications will be assessed subject to Council approval.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible you must meet the following criteria. 

  • Towns with a population <500 @ 2021 Census data
    Caramut 256, Garvoc 248, Hawkesdale 311, Kirkstall 406, Macarthur 469, Panmure 442, Peterborough 322, Woolsthorpe 364 
  • $2,000 available per applicant. 
  • Land must be zoned appropriately that does not require a planning permit.
  • Land must be within the township boundaries.
  • Applicable to new build or relocation of an existing property to a vacant block 
  • Wastewater and drainage must be able to be contained on site.
  • Legal access must be available to the land.
  • The monies will be paid upon occupancy permit being issued.

Each application is eligible to receive $2,000. Council has budgeted $20,000 in the 2023/24 budget.  


Application Process

Property owners or potential developers considering making an application must discuss their potential project with a Council officer through the Economic Development Team. This will ensure any potential issues are managed early.


How to Apply

Complete the application form below. 


The following documents must be provided as part of an application:

  • A clear description of the proposed works including an itemised list of all proposed works.
  • Details of building permits
  • At least two quotes detailing the proposed project using local contractors (where possible).

All applications must adhere to planning guidelines and consent. 


Assessment of applications

All applications will be assessed in alignment with these guidelines.


Outcome of Applications

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application following assessment.    

Successful applicants will be sent the following:

  • Funding agreement

The Funding Agreement must be signed and returned within 10 business days of the issue date. Council reserves the right to withdraw acceptance should the letter not be returned within this timeframe.


Completion of the Works

  • The proposed works are to be carried out as per the detailed proposal and the Funding Agreement.
  • Once works are completed the applicant is to advise Council in writing.


How to Claim the incentive

To claim the incentive amount, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Completed Supplier Details / Account Payable form (This will be sent to all successful applicants via email).
  • Project receipts, as proof of works/purchases.
  • Photographs of the completed works.

Council will inspect the works undertaken to ensure they have been completed in accordance with the Agreement.  Funding will only be released once this is confirmed. 


Terms and Conditions

  1. The applicant is to submit a completed application form, including all required supporting documents.
  2. Works are to be carried out in accordance with all Council statutory requirements, the relevant building design guidelines, and the relevant heritage guidelines of the township.
  3. Works should commence within 12 months of notification of entering into the grant agreement.
  4. Only one grant application can be lodged per person.
  5. The applicant must provide proof of all purchases and works before being able to access Council funding.
  6. The applicant is to enter into an agreement with Council that will list the agreed schedule of works and grant amount (inclusive of GST). Works should not commence until the applicant has signed the agreement with Council.
  7. Council will not grant funds retrospectively; to any works completed before the approval of the application. 
  8. Works should be undertaken by a local contractor wherever practicable.