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As an organisation, Council activates and coordinates resources in response to emergency situations as part of its normal municipal operations.   While it's unknown when emergencies will occur, experience indicates that they will happen, usually without notice.  An emergency is an event which may endanger life, property or the environment.

Council plays an important role in the planning and management of emergencies in the municipality.  As the closest level of government to the community, Council has a responsibility to plan, respond and assist with recovery in the event of an emergency affecting its community

Emergency Management Plan

The Moyne Shire Municipal Emergency Management Plan(PDF, 47MB) has traditionally focussed on managing physical events however there is now an increasing awareness of threats from a wide range of sources. The plan therefore takes a risk based approach to the planning of emergency management where the identification, analysis and evaluation of risks and the development of appropriate treatments is undertaken. Risk management reflects a shift in emphasis from the event to the community.

Emergency management planning is one component of community safety and wellbeing. Effective emergency management within the community safety context revolves around developing strong, active and healthy communities which are adequately prepared. A well prepared community is more likely to cope with an emergency situation.