Understanding property rates

Understanding property rates

Your rates help pay for essential services the entire community needs and expects.

The general rate

This is applied uniformly to all properties and calculated as cents in the dollar of a property’s capital improved value (CIV) – the market value of your property as of 1 January 2023.  The 2023/2024 rate is $0.0012898.

A municipal charge

This charge helps pay for the administrative costs of running the Council. The 2023/2024 charge is $286.00.

A kerbside collection service charge

This charge pays for the weekly collection of waste and fortnightly collection (alternate weeks) of recycling and organic waste in certain townships and along collection routes, and is payable only by those who receive the service.  The 2023/2024 charge is $433.00 which includes a 120 litre garbage bin, a 240 litre recycle bin and a 240 litre organics bin.

A waste facilities service charge

This charge contributes to waste facility site development and maintenance and the cost of post site closure rehabilitation.  The 2023/2024 charge is $146 for developed properties and $38 for other properties.

A State landfill levy

This levy is to cover a cost incurred by the Moyne Shire in relation to kerbside collection and paid to the State Government and is $27.00 in 2023/2024.