FUSE South West

The Big Connect program was a VicHealth funded program that launched in 2021 which aimed to create opportunities for Victoria’s young people. Moyne Shire Council in collaboration with YACVic Rural, Glenelg Shire Council, Glenelg Southern Grampians LLEN, Food & Fibre Great South Coast, Community Southwest and Barwon, Southwest Public Health Unit were successful in the grant application for ‘FUSE South West’

Fuse Southwest was a small towns place-based vocational and mental health connection training program which responded to needs identified by young people in the Southwest region. A diverse range of opportunities were delivered as part of the program, enriching participants with skills, connections, personal growth, self-confidence and wellbeing. A wide range of free workshops were provided including First Aid Training, Pool Lifeguard Training, Traffic Management, Food Handlers, Introduction to Shearing, Defensive Driving, Barista Basics and more. A total of 56 workshops were delivered across five LGAs with 1028 participants.

The program impacted further via the broader community including industry, community group representatives, schools, and local businesses. The program had significant impact on providing cost-free qualifications but also highlights its role in bolstering local employment opportunities, fostering community resilience, and positively influencing general wellbeing.

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