Getting off gas

Here are some of the reasons to get off gas:

  1. gas is a polluting fossil fuel. Although it has been marketed for decades as a clean power source for our homes, it produces harmful greenhouse gas emissions. 
  2. cooking with gas is estimated to be responsible for up to 12% of childhood asthma in Australia, while kids in homes cooking with gas face similar asthma risk to those living with smokers.
  3. research shows by switching from gas to efficient electric heating, Victorians can save up to 75% on their heating bills over winter.

If you are heating your home with gas, but also have a split system/air conditioner, consider using your split system to heat your house instead of using your gas heater.

If any of your gas appliances are getting long in the tooth, consider an efficient electric replacement:

  • switch to a split system air conditioner/heat pump
  • switch to induction cooking (you can even get portable ones)
  • gas oven - switch to an electric oven
  • gas hot water system - switch to a heat pump hot water system or solar hot water system

You may be eligible for $1,000 off the cost of a new heat pump hot water system through the Solar Homes Program.

There are also rebates through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program

For more information, check out this guide for getting off gas.