Emerging Curators Development Program

'Cyber Culture' and 'Resting Place Stories of Deen Maar' exhibitions showcases the journey of two young local artists as they step into the role of curators under the guidance of professional arts workers. 

Amelia Bell, mentored by cultural artist and arts practitioner Sherry Johnstone, and Rose Owen, mentored by the Hamilton Art Gallery have been learning the processes required to launch an exhibition. 

Witness the culmination of the MVG Emerging Curators Development Program as you explore their first exhibition.

The MVG Emerging Curators Development Program and its exhibitions have been supported by VicHealth Jumpstart Fund. 

Cyber Culture Exhibition


'Cyber Culture' responds to the complexities of living in a digital era, where brushstrokes and pixels coalesce to capture the essence of our evolving word, inviting viewers to contemplate the influence of the internet on their day to day lives. 

Featuring new artworks from young local artists

Chelsea Crawley-Walsh
Taylah Fenwick
Emmerson Huf
Shannon Johnson
Fern Knowles
Lexi Lee
Gwen Marshall
Hayley Whittington

Curated by Rose Owen

Viewing the Exhibition 

'Cyber Culture' can be viewed online in the Moyne Virtual Gallery

'Resting Place Stories of Deen Maar' Exhibition


Deen Maar is also known as Lady Julia Percy Island, situated off the coast between Port Fairy and Portland. It is also known to the Aboriginal people as ‘Tarn Wirring’ meaning road of the spirits, describing a passage between the land and the island where the spirit of deceased Aboriginal people go for their final resting place. Inviting you to immerse yourself in our ancient Aboriginal belief system, coastal wonders and a spiritual journey.

Featuring new artworks from First Nations artists

Photographic work by:
Billy Bell - Gunditjmara Country

Traditional weaving by:
Sandra Aitkin – Gunditjmara Country

Artworks by:
Peta Knowles - Gunditjmara Country 
Amira Nicholson - Gunditjmara Country

Recorded Storytelling by:
Shane Bell – Gunditjmara Country
Tyson Lovett Murray – Gunditjmara Country
Ashley Cozens - Gunditjmara Country

Curated by Amelia Bell – Gunditjmara Country

Viewing the Exhibition 

'Resting Place Stories of Deen Maar' can be viewed in the Moyne Virtual Gallery