Inspiring Women of Moyne

The 2024 Inspiring Women of Moyne Awards were presented on March 8, 2024, a list of winners and nominees can be found below. 

The awards aim to recognise, reward and celebrate women from all walks of life, who make meaningful contributions to our community whether it be through their work, studies, families, relationships or community involvement.   

Nominations for the 2025 Awards will open in late January. 

Inspiring Women of Moyne 2024

Kimberly Parker, Mortlake

Kimberly undertakes the crucial role as the moderator of the Mortlake Community Facebook Page, which is no small achievement, especially considering the challenges posed by the virtual realm.  

In the face of internet dynamics where rules can be easily overlooked, Kim has demonstrated remarkable resilience, kindness, and a selfless commitment to maintaining a positive online community.  

Her caring and thoughtful approach has not only fostered a harmonious digital space and had a positive impact on the Mortlake community. 

Kimberly nominator described her as “kind, caring, thoughtful and selfless, exactly what we need in Moyne. She makes Mortlake a better place.” 

Oonagh Kilpatrick, Southern Cross

Oonagh is a passionate and dedicated dairy farmer, who actively promotes the suitability practices on farm to schools and the wider community. Oonagh often hosts open days on her farm to promote and educate students on what happens on farm but also the career pathways within the industry that are not only on farm but also beyond the farm gate. 

Oonagh also is on the Food and Fibre Great South Coast board and actively promotes not only dairy but food and fibre for our region both here in the region. 

One nominee desbribed Oonagh as “the type of person who attracts others to her in a crowded room, people want to engage with her as she exudes enthusiasm and passion for our industry and is also a woman who empowers other women to grow and further thier capabilities. 

Melanie Macilwain, Port Fairy

Mel was nominated numerous times for the community which she has created through the Port Fairy Run Club, which she started in 2023.  

From beginners to experienced runners, everyone is welcome with open arms by Mel to join the group which meet twice a week.  

One nominee described Mel as “the sole reason for some lovely connections and promoting the mental health and physical wellbeing to those around her. 

Mel is also a local artist has run workshops at the Port Fairy Womens Weekend, donated artwork and raised money for local charities and volunteers her time at parkrun.  

Mel is a wonderful addition to the Moyne Community inspiring health and fitness, socialisation and great community spirit!

Inspiring Women of Moyne 2024 - Nominees

Anne Middleton
Bev Bourke
Bree Ryan
Carli Reeve
Carol McDonald
Catherine Haldane
Dea Gibb
Deb Phelan
Dr. Eleanor Donelan
Emily Thorne
Fiona Woodhams
Gillian Beechey
Heather Mulready
Helen Foote
Ingrid Wynd
Jenny Dwyer
Jill French
Jo Canham
Judi Seath
Julia Ogdin
Julienne Clifford
Kelly Burgess
Kimberly Parker
Kyra Crow
Lillian Serong
Lisa Ryan
Lisette Mill
Lucy Lehne
Marg Hulin (Cavalieri)
Margaret Lawrence
Martina Murrihy
Maureen Flemming
Maureen Hedger
Melanie Macilwain
Merran Moir
Michelle Hawker
Nicky Atkinson
Nicole Dwyer
Nicole McLennan
Oonagh Kilpatrick
Phuong-Dung Hoang
Rachael McGrath
Rachel Ross
Rochelle Winnen
Sarah Brittain
Shae Smith
Shannon McKay
Susan Rowbottom
Tina Stubbs
Tracey Gray
Tracy Wilson
Valerie Sproal

Inspiring Women of Moyne 2023


Amy Atwell
Amy has demonstrated a strong commitment to volunteerism, having served as the President of the local kindergarten for the past three years. She has successfully initiated a new event for the school, known as "Picnic in the Paddock," which has garnered significant attention and participation. In addition to her involvement in the kindergarten, Amy has recently assumed the role of Vice Principal at St. John's Dennington, showcasing her dedication to educational leadership.
Amy's passion for community engagement dates back to her youth. She was honored with the prestigious title of "Moyne Shire Youth of the Year" during her younger years, a testament to her outstanding contributions and accomplishments. Additionally, Amy actively served on the Youth Council, further showcasing her commitment to representing the interests and needs of young individuals in the community.

Ashleigh Pruys
In addition to her achievements with the Facebook group, she has further expanded her impact by establishing the "Toolong Classroom." This nature play group meets weekly, providing an opportunity for children to explore the outdoors, while also offering yoga sessions and fostering social connections among the participants. Furthermore, she has initiated a "Mums Book Club," promoting intellectual engagement and creating a space for meaningful discussions among the members.
Amy's exceptional individual's contributions have resulted in a heightened sense of community connection and improved mental well-being for many.

Bree Ryan
Breearna serves as an unwavering source of inspiration through her tireless efforts for the betterment of the Port Fairy community. As the driving force behind the highly successful Port Fairy Marathon, she has demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment and dedication. Organizing an event of this magnitude demands an extraordinary amount of work, and the tremendous success of the marathon, with over 1200 participants enjoying a truly memorable day, is a testament to Breearna's leadership and guidance of the PF Consolidated working group committee. Her tireless efforts in the lead-up to the event were truly commendable and went above and beyond expectations.
In addition to her instrumental role in the marathon, Breearna selflessly contributes to the community as a PFSLC Grants Officer, Under 7 Nippers Age Manager, weekend surf patrol participant, basketball coach, member of the PF Consolidated Parents and Friends, School Council, and Southcombe Park Committee. Remarkably, she manages all of these responsibilities while maintaining a demanding professional career and organizing a family of five. Breearna is undeniably an outstanding and highly valued member of our community.

View the full list of Nominees here.

Inspiring Women on Moyne 2022


Carolyn Howe

Fiona Hampson

Hannah Morris

Janette O'Keefe

Inspiring Women of Moyne 2021

Carly Jordan

Janette O'Keefe

Julie Houlihan

Martina Murrihy

Tracey Wilson