Backup energy systems

Moyne Shire Council is committed to supporting our communities in preparation for, during, and after emergencies.

The storms of 2021 demonstrated the importance of many services made possible with electricity and how crucial a resilient energy back-up is to keep them available during and after emergencies.

The Victorian Government funded the program for Powercor and Moyne Shire Council to install backup energy systems at the Mortlake Recreation Reserve and Port Fairy Showgrounds to increase access to electricity for the community during prolonged power outages.

Energy backup system graphic.png


Each system includes solar panels, batteries, and back-up diesel generators, and will be in place ahead of the summer bushfire season.

This energy resilience system supports other emergency preparedness measures Council has in place, including:

  • Council Emergency Management Planning
  • Partnerships with emergency services


Available services in an emergency

Energy backup systems chart.png

Are you power prepared?

While Powercor strives to keep the power system operating, be aware that extreme weather can damage powerlines and cause power outages.

Some things you can do to be ready if an emergency event impacts the electricity network:

  • Keep your mobile phone fully charged. Have a battery pack ready to use.
  • Keep a battery-operated radio and torch on hand (as well as spare batteries).
  • Stock up on non-perishable food and bottled water - especially if you use an electric water pump.
  • Make sure you have access to an emergency kit.
  • Check that you can manually open your electric garage door or gate if you need to leave during a power outage.
  • To receive SMS updates from Powercor and United Energy during an outage, please make sure your electricity retailer has your current mobile number.


Planning for an emergency

During an emergency event, you may lose access to communications, electricity or gas supply, and your ability to travel – even if your property is not directly affected by the emergency. 

Make sure your plans consider a potential loss of electricity or gas.

If you do not yet have a fire safety, flood, storm or emergency plan, and if you are a registered power-dependent customer with a power outage plan, then now is the time to make (or update) one.

Learn more on power outages and resilience 


Energy-Resilience-Solutions-Mortlake-Recreation-Reserve.pdf(PDF, 363KB)

Energy-Resilience-Solutions-Port-Fairy-Showgrounds.pdf(PDF, 363KB)