Concession Cards

Seniors Card

The Seniors Card entitles older Australians to a range of benefits provided by government and businesses. The card is free and is issued by every State and Territory government to eligible senior residents. It is issued in recognition of the contribution that seniors have made - and continue to make to the Australian community.

The card is available to Australians aged 60 years and over. Eligibility criteria and benefits vary slightly in each State and Territory.

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Carer Card

The Carer Card provides carers with a wide range of discounts and benefits on public transport and from businesses, local government and community organisations. To be eligible for a Carer Card you must be a resident of Victoria and either:

  • the primary carer of a person with a disability, severe medical condition or mental illness, or someone who is frail aged or in need of palliative care; or
  • a foster, kinship or respite carer.

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Can’t Wait Card

The Can’t Wait Card is given to members of the Crohn’s & Colitis Australia who have been formally diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, to help them gain access to a toilet in times of urgency.

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