Community Vision

The people of Moyne embrace the region’s extraordinary cultural and ecological country. Our fertile volcanic plains and pristine coast are the pride of Victoria’s southwest.
From coast to country, our connected and vibrant communities are active stewards, working meaningfully towards the protection and advancement of environment, history, social and economic vitality for present and future generations. 

This is the aspirational Community Vision for the Shire of Moyne developed by the Moyne 2040 Community Vision Panel as part of the My Moyne My Future project. The statement was formally adopted by Council on 3 August 2021.

We invite everyone in the Moyne community to embrace the Community Vision and its themes and priorities, as we work together to bring it to fruition over the next two decades.

We thank the panel members for their time, dedication and passion in developing the Community Vision. And we thank everyone in the wider Moyne community who contributed their views and ideas which provided an important foundation for this work.

Vision Themes and Priorities

Supporting the overarching Community Vision is a series of themed vision statements and aspirational priorities that sit under four key pillars - People, Place, Environment and Economy.

Pillar 1: Place

2040 vision for Place

We live in and plan for vibrant, connected communities with a range of affordable and accessible housing. We have an abundance of natural play spaces and accessible outdoor activities for all. Our community facilities, events, arts and culture are integral to our sense of place, giving us opportunities to further enrich our way of life.

Well-planned communities

We live in well-planned and connected neighbourhoods that protect our way of life, and cultural heritage.

Access to affordable housing

We all have access to housing that suits our budget, the size of our family and lifestyle needs.

Fit for purpose community facilities

We have fit for purpose, multi-use community facilities that provide opportunities for our residents and visitors to meet, learn and participate in activities.

Active transport cycling and walking

We keep our community active through improvements to walking and cycling tracks and can move freely and safely around the community.

Viability of regional towns

We work together to support the viability and availability of services and infrastructure across our region and keep our smaller communities connected.

Outdoor areas, places and playgrounds

We have an abundance of natural play spaces and accessible outdoor activities for all ages and abilities. We actively green Moyne and rehabilitate the land through community planting and green streetscapes.

Community events, arts and culture

We have community events that attract and delight local audiences and international visitors alike, providing us with opportunities to socialise and participate in arts and culture.

Planned employment close to home

We plan communities which are connected to one another and provide employment opportunities close to home.

Activating unused public buildings and land

We have planning controls in place which keep our streetscapes lively and our public assets actively serving the community.

Pillar 2: Environment

2040 vision for Environment

Our natural environment is our biggest asset. We are lifelong learners working together to care for the coast and country.

We embrace sustainable practices and development, and proactively address climate change.

Aspiration priorities

Renewable energy use and uptake

We are supported to live off the grid and have access to renewable energy benefits through local partnerships and an increased uptake of sustainable practices locally

Regenerative agriculture practices

We set the standard for sustainable farming practices.  We actively reduce our carbon emissions and support the regeneration of land

Energy efficient housing development

We lead the way in well designed and energy efficient housing and encourage others to build with minimal environmental impact.

Leaders in waste and recycling

We are leaders in waste management and recycling; others look to us for advice and expertise regarding our environmental practices.

Climate Emergency and action

We act to address our climate emergency and support our community to adapt to a changing climate.

Environmental planning

We use best practice environmental and land management plans, to protect native flora and fauna, and manage our land and water for future generations.

Protect and acknowledge connection to Country

We learn from traditional owners and care for Country side by side.

Pillar 3: People

Moyne is welcoming and generous. We plan for the future of our youth.
We are an educated and inclusive community, which is socially, digitally and culturally connected.

We have access to reliable and affordable quality services that maintain
and improve our health and wellbeing.

We enjoy a life of meaning.

Aspiration priorities

Maintaining connectivity and sense of community

We stay connected to one another, young or young at heart; from all walks of life we find opportunities to come together.

Community transport

We can move around Moyne easily.  We have access to affordable transportation services regardless of our age or where we live. 

Access and supply of health services

We have access to quality healthcare options, regardless of our stage of life or where we live, and can access this support in person or through telehealth.

Addressing internet and digital needs

We keep connected through reliable telecommunications and digital connectivity. This enhances our way of life and opens up a world of possibilities.

Keeping young people connected

Our young people are strongly represented, and we support and encourage them in life through a variety of programs and opportunities.

Fit and healthy

We are fit, active and healthy and have access to fresh and nutritious food, alongside opportunities to improve our physical health and wellbeing.

Inclusive cultural education

We come together to share our cultural stories, we promote cultural inclusivity and learn about our indigenous history.


Health services that address mental health

We talk freely about our mental health and seek support from trained mental health professionals who provide outreach services to support those in town, as well as those living in rural areas.

Relationship with Council and authorities

We work together to advocate for positive change to improve our way of life and strengthen our enjoyment of where we live.

Pillar 4: Economy

We are industry leaders in regenerative practices.  We have equal and flexible access to quality educational and employment opportunities.

We attract people who appreciate and immerse themselves in Moyne’s natural wonders and environment.

Aspiration priorities

Innovation in agriculture

We are innovators and use technology to increase the quality and quantity of farming while protecting the environment.

Support local industry

We support the growth of our local industries through digital innovations and encouraging local expertise.

Sustainable tourism

We welcome those who share our environmental values, to enjoy our regional delights, from an abundance of natural landscapes to fresh produce and unique townships.

Connected local economy

We create connected experiences, share resources and collaborate to enhance our local economy.

Lifelong learning and employment

We are lifelong learners and have access to educational opportunities that lead to meaningful employment.

Agriculture career pathways

We have strong partnerships with educational institutions and local businesses that support our agricultural industry for a sustainable future.

Efficient freight transport

We have safe and well-connected roads to move freight between towns and to market.

Support for seasonal and part-time workers

We support our seasonal and part-time workforce and ensure they have the assistance needed to engage in Moyne’s economy.


The Process

The My Moyne My Future project gave the people of Moyne genuine and meaningful opportunities to provide their views and ideas about what they wanted Moyne to look, feel and be like in 2040.

More information on the process 

Between April and early June 2021, the 37-member Moyne 2040 Community Vision Panel - randomly selected through an expression of interest process - discussed, debated and deliberated on key issues of importance to Moyne’s future.

At five independently-facilitated workshops, the panel considered more than 1000 pieces of feedback received from the Moyne community via a community survey and pop-up events held early in 2021. The panel also considered the latest research and demographic data, and heard presentations from experts on a diverse range of topics.

The Community Vision, developed by the panel, will inform Council’s long-term strategic documents, including the four-year Council Plan and Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan, and the 10-year Long Term Financial Plan and Asset Plan.


View or download a copy of the My Moyne My Future – Community Vision 2040 booklet(PDF, 15MB)