Festival and Event Guidelines 2024 - 2025

Through the Moyne Shire Council’s Community Grants Program, Council aims to build stronger communities and deliver benefits to residents and visitors. The Program assists to facilitate a self-help culture among community groups and encourage groups to work in partnership with Council to promote long-term outcomes that benefit the wider community.

Applicants should demonstrate in their application the economic, visitor, social and environmental benefits of their project to the applicant, the community and Moyne Shire Council.  Particular reference should be made to local supply of good and services in your application in support of our local businesses and providers.

Applications must be for festivals, events, programs or activities that will assist in the ongoing development or creation of sustainable programs and communities, and meet the needs of residents and visitors.

Applications must clearly outline aims and objectives together with a full description of the service, event or project. Applicants must also consider and describe how their project/ event encourages and supports the principles of access and equity.

Council may request additional information about individual applications.

Supplementary funding of up to $10,000 is available per event to assist in planning and or delivery of a range of community festivals and events held within the Shire. The Program recognises the valuable contribution that community organisations and local business make to the social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing of Moyne.

Funding is available for projects and events planned 1 August 2024 and 31 July 2025

Key Information

Festival and Events Annual Funding Program

Applications open: 10am Monday 1 April 2024

Applications close: 10am Monday 6 May 2024


All applications are to be made online. If you require assistance completing the application, please contact one of the relevant program officers listed below.

Program Officers

For all telephone enquiries regarding the fund please ring 1300 65 65 64. 

Elise Ploenges - Corporate Business and Events Officer eploenges@moyne.vic.gov.au

Program Timelines

The following provides key dates for the program. These timelines may be subject to change. Groups are encouraged to continue to check the grants page on the Council website for any changes / updates to key dates.

Festival and events annual funding program
Activity Key dates
Fund opens 10am Monday 1 April
Fund closes 10am Monday 6 May
Assessment period 7 - 27 May
Council Meeting – funding decision July/August
Funding agreement August
Release of funds as per the Funding Agreement August onwards
Post Event Reporting By 31 July 2025 unless otherwise agreed

Program application requirements

In order to be considered for funding, the following apply:

  • Applications must be made via the online electronic application form. If an applicant has difficulty accessing the form, please contact one of the Program Officers who will be able to arrange online access.
  • All applicants must discuss their festival/event with a Program Officer listed on page 4.
  • Be an incorporated organisation or community group, or be auspiced by an incorporated association.
  • Be located within the Moyne Shire municipal boundary or if an external group, clearly demonstrate predominant benefit to Moyne communities and Council.
  • Fully complete the online electronic application form and provide all required supporting evidence and documentation when submitting an application - you will need to complete an application checklist at the end of the form before applications can be submitted.
  • Enter into a funding agreement with Council and fully acquit funds for the purpose of the grant using Council's acquittal form within three months of
    project / event completion, or by 31 July 2025, unless otherwise formally agreed with Council.
  • In the spirit of fairness and transparency, late applications will not be considered.

Specific Guidelines


  • Funding is eligible for festivals and events held within the geographical boundaries of the Moyne Shire, or those that can demonstrate a large benefit to a significant number of Moyne Shire residents.
  • Organising Committee's must retain and / or reinvest any money raised from holding the event within the Moyne Shire community.
  • Applications should seek to support disadvantaged and or vulnerable community members to access the event where relevant, including recognising and honouring companion card holders.
  • Applications must seek to ensure all activities are undertaken in a socially, environmentally and economically responsible manner.
  • Funding is to support the development of new events and to develop the programs of existing events. Applicants are encouraged to continue to seek alternative income sources to ensure the event’s financial sustainability, reducing the reliance on Council funding to subsidise it. (i.e. reduce any ongoing annual request on a sliding scale over a set period).

Ineligible applications

The following applicants or festival / events are not eligible for funding under the following criteria.

  • If you have not discussed your festival / event with a Program Officer, your festival/event will not be considered for funding.
  • Late applications will not be considered.
  • Seeking retrospective funding for activities, programs and projects that have already started or are completed.
  • Previous Council funding has not been fully or appropriately acquitted or there are outstanding debts, financial or other disputes with Moyne Shire Council.  However, please discuss existing projects that are under a grant arrangement with Council if this currently funded project may not be delivered by the agreed time.
  • The requested funding would otherwise be covered by insurance, or for programs and events that are more suited to funding by another level of government or agency.
  • Commercial "for-profit" activities or projects, sponsorships for events, fundraising events, trophies, prize money and equipment for events or schools.
  • The festival / event promotes religious, discriminatory or party political views for the purpose of advocacy or membership growth.
  • Have received funds for the current festival / event, from other Moyne Shire Council contributions.
  • Your project or event is not going to be delivered between the funding program timeline
  • Applications for funding in retrospect will not be considered.
  • If your festival or event is primarily a fundraiser that will distribute event profits to external organisations.

Other program conditions

  • Once the initial grant has been approved, no additional Council funding will be provided to meet cost escalations, or over-runs of the event or project.
  • Moyne Shire Council is to be acknowledged by the successful applicants on occasions, as per the Acknowledgement Guidelines.
  • Applicants must provide financial statements identifying their capacity to meet their agreed contribution; with the exception of a group exempted by Council.
  • Supply of quotes for the delivery of services, products or equipment as part of the application process are required.


Contact a Program Officer

It is a condition of the Community Grants Program that you must discuss your festival/event application with a Program Officer prior to making a submission.

The Program Officer will be able to provide guidance on the below;

  • Program Officers
  • Confirm your funding eligibility for the program before you start your application
  • Provide advice and guidance about your application, including what is and what isn’t required in your application
  • They can also advise you about aspects of your project such as planning, management and implementation:
    • Do you need a planning or building permit?*
    • Do you need land or asset owner permission?
    • What about quotes for works and services?
    • How will funds be paid and distributed if you are successful?
    • Who will be responsible for the asset or works once installed?
    • Are you covered for insurance?

    * Permits can add time to your project delivery schedule and also put your application under time pressure if you need to wait for owner / permit approvals. Permit fees may also be incurred, which will need to be included in your project budget and implementation timeframe.

  • Program Officers may also be aware of other funding programs that you could apply for if your project does not meet the criteria or you need to provide additional funding to support your project.
  • Building relationships with the Program Officers will ensure they have an understanding of your project before they receive your application. Key application documents.

Program Officer 

For all telephone enquiries regarding the fund please ring 1300 65 65 64. 

Elise Ploenges - Corporate Business and Events Officer eploenges@moyne.vic.gov.au 

Key application documents

Required documentation is also listed in the application checklist and includes the following:

Mandatory documents

  • Completed income and expenditure spreadsheets using templates provided.
  • Supplier quotes for services, products and other project costs.
  • Your most recent financial statements such as treasurers reports or bank statements.
  • Certificate of Currency for Public and Products Liability Insurance. In most circumstances, Council requires applicants to hold current Public and Products Liability Insurance (unless you are covered under Moyne Shire Council’s policy) to protect against legal liability for third party injury, death and/or Damage to Property caused by an occurrence in connection with the applicant's activity.  If your group does not wish to purchase public and products liability insurance, you may apply through an auspice organisation.

Other documents where applicable

  • Evidence of land / asset owner permission.
  • Confirmation of any other funding sources being provided for the project or that have been applied for but not yet confirmed.
  • Completed Statement by Supplier form if you are not providing an ABN.
  • Supporting documentation such as letters of support, project/ event map, design plans and any other relevant documentation.
  • Permits and approvals if confirmed or references to applications if underway.  If permits and approvals are not confirmed or under application, confirmation that permits or approvals are required. 
  • You can purchase public and products liability insurance from any insurance provider deemed appropriate for the activity in connection with the funding or by contacting Local Community Insurance Services, call 1300 853 800 or email insurance@lcis.com.au).

Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable)

All community groups and organisations (non-commercial entities) who are applying for funding must be:

An incorporated association - Incorporation provides a community group status as a legal entity;

or Hold another legal entity status such as a DELWP Committee of Management;

or Be auspiced by an incorporated body - If your group is not incorporated and does not wish to become incorporated, you may apply through an auspice organisation who must be an incorporated association.

If you are not incorporated and would like to become incorporated, you may contact the Office of Consumer Affairs Victoria on 1300 558 181

An auspiced application

If your group is not incorporated or does not hold current public and products liability insurance, you may still apply through an auspice organisation.

An auspice organisation is one that is incorporated and holds current public and products liability insurance and agrees to take responsibility for your grant. The organisation receives the funding on your behalf and distributes the funds to your group for the delivery of the project. The auspicing organisation is also responsible for acquitting the grant funds. 

A letter confirming the auspice arrangement, on the auspice organisation’s letterhead, must be attached with your funding application.

You can find out more about auspicing at Justice Connect

Acknowledgment guidelines

Applicants will be required to acknowledge Moyne Shire Council’s funding support provided through the Community Grants Program.

An approved logo should be included on appropriate materials including but not limited to project collateral, media releases and signage.

The Grantee must liaise with Moyne Shire Council to coordinate any announcements related to the project:

  1. Any press releases or announcements regarding the project should recognise Moyne Shire Council’s contribution, support, and the nature of funding, e.g. the Community Grants Program.
  2. Any promotional material or other information such as newsletters published for the project should acknowledge Moyne Shire Council’s contribution and support and the nature of funding, e.g. the Community Grants Program.
  3. Recognise Moyne Shire Council at any event or activity recognising the building, upgrade or celebration of the project and provide invitations to Moyne Shire Councillors.

The Grantee is required to acknowledge the funding support provided by Moyne Shire Council using the following terminology: ‘Project Supporter’

Agreements, payment and acquittal

Successful applicants will be sent the following:

  • Confirmation letter and Funding Agreement
  • Financial details form
  • Festival / event acquittal report template.

The Funding Agreement will detail how fund payments will be made and other funding conditions based on project / event milestones and other payment needs.

Payment procedure

Successful applicants are required to forward an invoice to Council with bank account details as per the conditions in the Funding Agreement. A breakdown of project budgets and contributions will be provided by Council to applicants to ensure that budgets are correct and agreed.


A final acquittal report is required that includes financial reporting demonstrating that the project has been completed and how it met the assessment criteria.  The acquittal report is to be provided within three months of the event date or by 30 June 2025 for other funding unless agreed with Council.  Failure to provide satisfactory acquittal reporting will result in the applicant being ineligible for future funding or potential repayment of Council funds already provided for the project / event.

Note: For ease of submission, you can simply complete a Post Event Report, through accessing https://www.moyne.vic.gov.au/Our-Services/Events/Funding

Successful applicants will note that further post event report information will be provided in their funding agreement.


Evaluation criteria

Criteria Weighting
Does the application meet all of the funding guidelines and submission requirements including pre-submission discussion, permits, quotes and other documentation? 25
Does the application demonstrate benefits for the wider community such as economic, social, participation or cultural benefits? 30
Does the budget including cash contributions and in-kind meet funding guidelines are co-contributions confirmed through financial statements? 20
Are there any ongoing implications for Council from the funding / project such project implementation, ongoing maintenance costs, asset ownership / management, risk and insurance, reputational issues etc. for Council? 15
Does the applicant have the capacity to successfully deliver the project? 10
Total Score 100

Key selection criteria

Applications are assessed on the following:

Need for the funds:

  • Is there a clearly identified need for this event/ festival and does the application fulfil this need?
  • Has the applicant demonstrated engagement with and support from the local community? Are the outcomes of the project clearly identified and do they contribute to the social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing of our community?
  • Does the application increase the range of, and access to recreational, social, cultural and environmental festivals, events or activities?
  • How many local people are likely to benefit from the project?
  • What will be the level of contribution to the local economy and level of impact on the local tourism industry?
  • Will the project promote opportunities for people to participate in community, particularly those who face physical, social, economic and other barriers to participate in local festivals and events?

Ability to deliver

  • Is the budget clear and realistic?
  • Have alternate sources of income been considered/ articulated (i.e. entry fees, corporate sponsors, other grant sources)?
  • Is there a demonstrated capacity to deliver the activity as described in the application?
  • Have relevant permits and special planning conditions been considered and or addressed?
  • Applicants need to be aware that the amount allocated may not match the requested amount.

Reporting Requirements

Festival and Event Funding applications cannot be accepted without the following documentation.

  • Organisation's Financial statements (i.e. profit and loss report, balance sheet)
  • Event Budget (clearly identify profit/ loss, identification of funding sources, ticket costs - with estimated sales)
  • Actual Event Budget from previous year (if applicable)
  • Event Business Plan or Strategic Plan
  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency

Note: An electronic copy of the Event Budget Template is available upon request

Other things to consider

  • Contact officers will provide guidance as to whether you may need additional permits, you must complete the relevant sections of the application form regarding contact with fund officers and permit questions.  
  • Council reserves the right to publicise any aspect of the activity associated with its Funding program. Recipients must assist Council with publicity as required and adhere to the accompanying Moyne Shire Acknowledgment Guidelines.
  • Successful applicants may be required to provide an evaluation report to Council on the outcome of the project/activity when completed.
  • Applicants are to provide an Australian Business Number (ABN) unless proof is supplied they are exempt whereby, a "Statement by a Supplier" form should be completed and forwarded with the application.
  • Receipts and acquittal must be submitted to Council within three (3) months of project completion and no later than 31 July 2025 unless otherwise agreed. Council may consider a formal time variation to a project but no further funding will be made available to cover escalation or cost over-runs.
  • Groups or organisations receiving funding in immediately preceding rounds of Community Assistance will receive a lower priority than those who have received no such funding.
  • Projects identified in community plans or organisational strategic plans will be given priority for funding over other projects.
  • An applicant meeting the key selection criteria is not guaranteed funding.