Inviting the Mayor or a Councillor to an event

The Mayor and Council welcome invitations. They value the contribution events make to our community and welcome the opportunity to be involved.

Council is committed to ensuring that members of the community are informed about the correct protocol when inviting and addressing the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors.

These guidelines do not apply to meetings or functions open to members of the public where a Councillor attends in a private rather than in an official capacity.

Protocol for invitations

As the elected Chair of Council, the role of the Mayor is to assist you in celebrating and recognising achievements and milestones. Given the numerous and varied events in the Moyne Shire each year we appreciate that every function is unique. You may request the Mayor to formally open an event, welcome guests or present an award.

All invitations for a Council representative to attend a function or event must be in writing and should be forwarded to the CEO’s Office with as much advance notice as possible.  Please email all invitations for Councillors to Moyne Shire at  If your event is a ticketed event, please provide complimentary passes for the Mayor or Councillor(s).  Please advise if the Councillor’s partner is invited to the function.

Please note that all invitations for the opening of official Council related business will be handled by Council Officers in consultation with the relevant community stakeholders. 


The Mayor is the principal representative of the Council and all Councillors support the Mayor. In the event of the Mayor delegating attendance of a function to another Councillor, the nominated Councillor is provided information to ensure that the Councillor is aware of the relevant issues.

Forms of address

Mayor – The Mayor takes precedence in local affairs over any other person. This precedence also applies to the Deputy Mayor who has been deputised by the Mayor to represent him/her during any absence.

This precedence does not apply to functions coordinated by a State or Federal Government department and in these cases, the local State or Federal Member would take precedence.

When introducing the Mayor or Councillors:

  1. When the function is attended by one Council representative: “The Mayor /Deputy Mayor of Moyne Shire Council, Cr Joe Bloggs” or “Councillor Joe Bloggs” After the initial introduction, the Mayor may be referred to and directly addressed as Cr Bloggs or Mr/Madam Mayor.
  2. When attended by more than one Council representative Acknowledge the Mayor/Deputy Mayor as above.  Councillors can be acknowledged as Councillors Smith, Brown, Jones etc.
  3. When introducing a Councillor who is deputising for the Mayor, example “I would like to introduce Councillor Ann Smith who is deputising for the Mayor in his/her absence.”
  4. After formal introductions have taken place, forms of address are at the discretion of the incumbent Mayor or Councillor. The Councillor will confirm with you their current preference.  If you have invited the Premier, the Minister or any Members of Parliament to your function, there are several protocols that you need to observe during the event.  More information can be found here

How to address a member of State Parliament

How to address members of the Parliament of Australia

Information on acknowledgment protocol (order)


If you would like to Mayor or Councillor to deliver a speech, please advise the following information:

  • length of speech you would like the Mayor or Councillor to make
  • subject of speech
  • wherein the proceedings it will be made
  • background of organisation or purpose of the function

This information should be provided at least two weeks before the event.  An official acknowledgement of our traditional landowners will be included in every speech.

Timing of functions

To help us plan the Mayor and Councillor’s diary, we ask that you give some consideration to the most suitable arrival and departure times.  It may be important for the Mayor or Councillor to arrive just before a formal opening to allow time to get everyone into position, or for the Mayor or Councillor to arrive at a specific time during a function.  Please also advise the estimated duration of the function.

Arriving at a function

The Mayor / Councillor should be met by someone from your organisation and escorted to the event, seat or hall as appropriate.  We ask that you arrange for the Mayor/Councillor to be introduced to other dignitaries and leaders of your organisation and briefed about the order of the proceedings.


To allow the Mayor/Councillor to arrive on time we ask you to consider the most suitable parking area.  If parking is restricted, please let us know or suggest a possible alternative.

Dress Code

Please advise if a particular dress code is required.

Questions or Concerns?

Please feel free to contact 1300 656 564 for assistance in extending an invitation to a Moyne Shire Council representative.