Moyne NextGen!

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Moyne NextGen! A stronger voice for youth. 

Council's adoption of a new youth engagement model - Moyne NextGen! (MNG) at the February 2022 Council meeting, paves the way for a more contemporary, responsive and collaborative way of consulting with Moyne's young people.

Developed by young people from across Moyne Shire in late 2021, MNG is the new vehicle through which young people in Moyne will engage and contribute to community life, civic activities and local decision making processes.

At its heart, MNG aims to ensure that the voice of young people is heard, understood and valued, that young people are able to influence local decision-making processes and activities, and that young people can make an impact on issues that matter to them.

Key Elements of the Model

MNG is…

  • Smart and savvy
  • Super connected and collaborative
  • Bold and action-oriented
  • Ambitious and optimistic 

The model has four key elements, including:

1. Innovation Initiators - a core leadership group of five to eight people who will plan, prioritise, build connections and assess opportunities.

2. MNG Connectors – these people will recruit young people and match them to the right opportunities.

3. Action Teams – groups of young people delivering clearly scoped projects for specific periods of time.

4. Pop-Up Consults and Activities – community-based opportunities that allow for a broader range of young people to contribute their views and ideas.

MNG will build the capability of young people involved through mentoring and training opportunities. It will also focus on establishing partnerships and links in the community that enable young people to be influential in community and civic programs, and decision-making processes.

Opportunities for Young People

With an inclusive and action-oriented culture, MNG will create opportunities for young people to contribute their opinions and ideas on a broad range of matters, and help shape the shire’s economic, social, cultural and environmental future.

Young people will be able to be part of Action Teams that address issues that matter to youth and the wider community. Topics such as the environment, services, activities and events for young people, arts and culture, and more.

Next Steps

Over coming weeks, the MNG leadership group will be mapping out priorities and projects, and creating opportunities for Moyne’s community groups, agencies and organisations to get involved.

We Need You!

If you’re a young person who wants to learn new skills, make new friends and make a difference, then MNG could be for you!


To find out more, contact Community Planning Officer Rebecca Elmes via email Rebecca Elmes or phone on 1300 656 564.