VicSmart planning permit information

This is a guide for VicSmart Planning Applications in Moyne Shire Council. The following simple steps below will give a good outline of the process.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 656 564. 

Do some background research

Firstly, find the site on on the VicPlan website

Enter the address or Lot details into the window and press enter. 

The next page will show Property Information, including Zoning and any applicable Overlays. 

Select ‘Create Planning Property Report’ and this gives a PDF document outlining the planning information for the site. 

In most cases, if your site has a Heritage Overlay or Design and Development Overlay, a permit is likely to be required. Where a HO or DDO applies to the site, the following examples of proposed works will generally require a VicSmart permit application

  • Painting of a previously unpainted surface; 
  • Painting a building a different colour; 
  • Changing existing signage or proposing new signage; 
  • Removing an existing fence and/or constructing a new fence; 
  • Altering external parts of a building; 
  • Constructing alterations or additions to an existing building. 

Council’s statutory planners can provide advice whether the works you are proposing will trigger a VicSmart permit application. 

It is recommended that an email containing address details and exact works to be undertaken, be sent to and a written response will be provided within two weeks. 

A VicSmart permit is required- now what do I do?

A Vicsmart application requires the following documents (at a minimum): 

a) Application form; 

b) Title documents; 

c) Plans, and photos, if possible; and 

d) Written statement outlining the proposed works and how the works meet the relevant provisions of the Planning Scheme. 

Step by Step

a) Application Form 

The application form can be downloaded from our website.

Select ‘Application for Planning Permit’ form. This is a fillable form, so please remember to ‘Print as a PDF’ to ensure all the details are saved. Alternatively, you can print the empty form, fill it out by hand, and either scan the document or drop it into the Port Fairy Office with the other application documents. 

b) Title Documents 

Title Documents are available on the Landata (Victoria) website

Select ‘I want to’, then ‘Order a copy of a title’. 

Move down to the bottom of the page and select  ‘Order Now’

Step 1 of 5: Specify Property - select one of the options - the Street Address or Lot on Plan are usually the easiest.

Enter the address details and select ‘Next’. 

Step 2 of 5: Confirm property - when the property comes up, you can check it is the correct property by selecting ‘View and Confirm on map’ or if the property is correct, select ‘Confirm Property Details’.

Step 3 of 5: Select Certificates - for the purposes of a planning permit application, the required certificates are:

  • Register Search Statement (copy of title); and
  • Copy of plan.

If there is a Covenant or Section 173 Agreement on the land, you will need to download that as well.

Select the relevant boxes and then select ‘Next’.

The remaining steps (4 and 5) will enable you to receive the documents (via download/email) and get a receipt. 

Save all documents as PDF’s for your application.

c) Plans and photos 

All applications require scaled and dimensioned plans which will become ‘endorsed plans’ if/when the permit is approved. These plans need to show exactly what works are being proposed, and what the building/sign/fence will look like when the works have been completed. The minimum requirements are: 

  • Site plan to show existing development on the site and neighbouring development (if relevant), including setbacks and dimensions. For example: 
  • Floor/Elevation Plans or Signage Plan, all with dimensions (ie length/width etc)
  • Site Photos

d) Written Statement outlining the proposed works and how the works meet the relevant provisions of the Planning Scheme 

It is important to ensure that the proposed works are compliant with the necessary provisions of the Planning Scheme, and/or if any variation is being requested. 

For example, if your site is affected by a Design and Development Overlay, the applicable Urban Design Guidelines can be used as a guide to assess your proposal. Check the DDO Schedule number on on our Urban Design Guidelines page

For example, the first page of ‘DDO12 – Heritage Commercial Area – Commercial Development (Character Area 5)’ looks like the diagram below: 

Example of Design and Development Overlay, the applicable Urban Design Guidelines


How long does a permit take?

A Vicsmart permit generally takes ten business days from lodgement, but this depends if all necessary information is provided. If there is any information missing in the application that Council needs to make a decision, you will be issued a Request for Further Information (RFI) letter. This needs to be responded to by the date written in the letter. Generally, council allows up to 8 weeks for the response to be provided, but an extension can be requested. If the information is not received by the due date and no extension is applied for, the application will lapse and the process will need to be started again.  


More questions?

Please ring council on 1300 565 564 to discuss any issues with the planning team, or alternatively, send an email and proposal plans with exact address and specific questions. The planning team will consider your email and provide a response in writing, generally within two weeks. 

Council recommends a landowner engaging the services of a professional town planning consultant, particularly for more complicated applications.