Planning forms, fees and checklists

Application forms

Application for planning permit form(PDF, 474KB) - for a new application

Planning permit amendment form(PDF, 383KB) - for an amendment or secondary consent to an approved planning permit

Application to amend Section 50 or 57A form(PDF, 388KB)- for changes to a current planning application, either before notice (advertising) or after notice

Application to amend or end S173 form(PDF, 70KB)- to change a Section 173 agreement

If you are starting a new business and think you may be required to obtain approvals from multiple council departments please undertake our business self assessment checklist and use our business combined application form to submit your application.

Application fees

Planning and subdivision fees Victorian State Government website

For all planning permit applications, fees apply. An invoice will be sent to the applicant after the planning permit application has been received bythe statutory planning team.

Checklists of what to provide council

Each checklist provides a list of the documentation you need to provide to council when you submit your permit application.

Checklist A Buildings and works(PDF, 44KB)

Checklist B Change of use(PDF, 44KB)

Checklist C subdivision(PDF, 44KB)

Checklist D signage(PDF, 44KB)

Checklist E liquor licence(PDF, 44KB)

Checklist F Cultural heritage management plan(PDF, 46KB)

Checklist G Extractive industries(PDF, 365KB)

Objection to grant of planning permit form

Objection to planning permit application form

Objections can be submitted to, in person at a council office or via post.   

Please see the objections and appeals page for more information on objecting to a planning permit application

Obtaining a copy of title

All planning permit applications must be accompanied by a recent copy of title

A copy of title can be obtained online from Landata - Land Victoria. Please note, fees apply to obtain a copy of title online.

Requesting planning permit information

To request information for copies of planning permit/endorsed plans, download the form below. Due to the personal information being requested for planning purposes, in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987, your contact details must be provided or your submission will not be considered.

Request for planning permit information form(PDF, 66KB)