Gender Equality

In many circumstances, woman and gender diverse individuals may not have the same access to decision-making processes, resources, economic or social opportunities. This means that policies, programs and services are likely to be experienced differently, and have different outcomes for people of different genders.   Moyne Shire Council is committed to creating better and fairer outcomes to ensure all people have access to opportunities and resources by:  

  • Doing everything it can to ensure resources are distributed and used equally  
  • Considering the different needs of people of all genders  
  • Applying a gender lens to policies, programs or services to assess whether they benefit some people more than others because they have greater access  
  • Creating the potential to influence broader social norms and gender roles in society  

Gender equality

The Gender Equality Act 2020 commenced on 31 March 2021.  

The Act promotes gender equality by

  • Requiring the Victorian public sector, local councils and universities to take positive action towards achieving workplace gender equality
  • Requiring these organisations to consider and promote gender equality in their policies, programs and services. 
  • Establishing the Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner to provide education, support implementation and enforce compliance.  

The Gender Equality Act 2020 will improve workplace gender equality in the Victorian public sector, universities and local councils.  

Our LGBTIQ+ community

Moyne Shire Council is committed to the use of inclusive language, acknowledging and respecting the diversity of bodies, genders and relationships. We understand people express their gender and sexuality in different ways and people can have different biological sex characteristics. We acknowledge the diversity of people we work with and serve. We will take steps to demonstrate our rainbow readiness by ensuring we drive inclusion and ensure LGBTIQ+ people and community feel welcome safe, supported and equal.

How will Moyne Shire Council contribute, improve and promote gender equality? 

Moyne Shire Council will  

  • complete gender impact assessments on policies, programs and services that have a direct and significant impact on the public.  
  • develop and implement a Gender Equality Action Plan which includes results of a workplace gender audit and strategies for achieving workplace gender equality  
  • publicly report on progress in relation to workplace gender equality  
  • promote gender equality through education and implementing a new way of thinking by applying a gender lens in all that we do  

For more information refer to the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector 

Moyne Shire Council has an established Diversity Inclusion Group to ensure compliance and adherence in meeting Moyne Shire Council obligations under the Gender Equality Act 2020.  

Diversity inclusion group members

Brett Davis, Chief Executive Officer
Susie Kewley, Manager Organisational Development
Alicia Cohen, Governance Coordinator
Liam Arnott, Project Delivery Officer
Shelley Firth, Cultural and Community Development Officer
Agatha Ganda, Community Care Coordinator
Miryam Franjic, Manager Community Services
Linda Turner-Broad, Records Officer
Sarah Fenton, EA Support Officer
Jo MacKenzie, Tourism and Customer Experience Officer
Jordan Byrne, Waste Management Coordinator