Local Law Permits and Forms

If you are starting a new business and think you may be required to obtain approvals from multiple Council Departments please undertake our self-assessment checklist and use our Combined Application Form to submit your application. 

Roadside-Grazing-Permit-Guidelines(PDF, 134KB)

Application-for-Roadside-Grazing(PDF, 192KB)

Application-for-Stock-Crossing-Signage(PDF, 366KB)

Application-for-Permit-General(PDF, 12KB)

Application-for-Permit-for-use-of-footpath(PDF, 134KB)

Applications for Itinerant Traders

Application-For-Domestic-Animal-Business(PDF, 272KB)

Request for an Organised Function

Infringement-Review-Application(PDF, 48KB)

Local Laws Footpath Permit Guidelines(PDF, 419KB)