Port Fairy Community Services Centre

Our Philosophy

At the Port Fairy Community Services Centre we strive to ensure the best possible outcomes for all children, families and educators through developing trusting relationships, holistic approaches to learning and development and shared partnerships in a safe nurturing environment.

The children

When given every opportunity, children are innately curious and want to learn. Whether this is a baby learning to crawl or a child mastering climbing a tree, we will embrace what stage each child is at, what their individual learning needs may be and what interests they have. Children, through developing secure and trusting relationships with their educators, will be challenged, inspired, stimulated and encouraged to learn through their play.  We will facilitate and scaffold this learning, asking open ended questions and through reflective practices.  Through achieving, experimenting, risk taking, disappointments and problem solving, children will develop resilience and a positive self worth.

The families

Families are the most important people in children’s lives and we will work collaboratively together, ensuring children reach their full potential. We recognise that family structure differs from one home to another and we will be respectful, operate with equality and embrace diversity. Fostering positive partnerships free of bias or judgement early in life is vital to the ongoing brain development and positive approach to life for all children. We respect Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, along with the cultures of all of our families in our communities far and wide.

The educators

Our educators have a team approach when planning and implementing programs for fostering each child’s individual learning. The VEYLDF, EYLF, NQS and online Storypark program underpin our practices.  Programs are predictable, age appropriate, knowledge based and strive to challenge and enhance children’s learning.  We see academic readiness as getting a child ready for life.

We believe in providing children with opportunities to take risks, to learn through self discovery and challenges.  We see risk as being a necessary way for children to form boundaries and keep safe. With encouragement and calculated steps, children can achieve and grow. Our environment will be one which promotes natural materials, loose parts such as ropes, branches, logs and allow for child directed play. Educators will observe, scaffold children’s learning and ask open ended questions. Reflective practices will be embedded in our approach.

We believe every moment is an opportunity to learn, both indoors and outdoors.  We see the outdoors as a classroom providing abundant inspiration for children.  We continue to work towards providing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly learning environment.

Educators, like children, will be encouraged to grow their knowledge and evolve with the children and community of learners we have from year to year. Professional development opportunities are encouraged and facilitated.


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Services provided:

3 year old kindergarten
4 year old kindergarten
Centre Based Care