Koroit and District Kindergarten

Our Philosophy


At Koroit & District Kindergarten we provide a warm, welcoming community where all children and their families will feel safe, secure and valued

We respect that we are all members of the wider community and encourage individuals to understand and support community collaboration

We provide an inclusive learning community for all and work together to accommodate each child’s developmental interests and needs

Our families, educators and children value our close community involvement and the relationships and friendships we enjoy within it  

Learning & Growth

We value the establishment of stable and consistent relationships that foster trust and security, knowing security and belonging promote learning

We provide experiences that are open ended, respectful of children’s current knowledge and ensure they can learn at their own pace

We believe children are capable and competent beings who are active participants in their own learning and hold high expectations for all children

We value a learning environment that supports and inspires children to explore, think, imagine and investigate, share ideas and thoughts

We value and find joy in children’s learning, growth, independence, autonomy and wonder


We are committed to providing an inclusive and culturally safe environment for children, families and educators

We value the diversity that everyone brings to our Kindergarten community and encourage family partnership to ensure the best learning outcomes for their children

Our educators and families value trust, honesty, caring, kindness, positive communication, shared knowledge and the smiles on children’s faces


We value all areas as learning spaces and encourage the children to embrace and explore their surroundings, providing opportunity for indoor &/or outdoor play

We value providing and encouraging a sustainable environment for the Kindergarten community

We encourage and foster a rich environment which supports respectful relationships for all and allows children to reach their optimal learning and development

We value the distinct environment of our Kindergarten, with its access to natural spaces, close community and cultural experiences

Our children, families and educators value our resources and interactions within our unique kindergarten



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Services provided:

3 year old kindergarten
4 year old kindergarten
After Kindergarten Care