Festival and Event Fund - Currently Closed

Festival and Event Fund

During the 2022/23 Program, $97,290 of funding was awarded. 

Supplementary funding of up to $10,000 is available per event to assist in planning and or delivery of a range of community festivals and events held within the Shire. The Program recognises the valuable contribution that community organisations and local business make to the social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing of Moyne.

Applications open: April 2023

Applications close: May 2023 

Need more information? The Festival Event Funding Guidelines 2022-23.pdf(PDF, 533KB)  outlines the considerations, assessment criteria and conditions.

Reporting Requirements: The Grantee will be required to undertake a post event evaluation.  Post event evaluation reports are required to be submitted within one (1) month of the conclusion of the event. This ensures that measurable data such as attendance figures, tickets sales, survey data, budgets etc are captured early after an event, whilst fresh in mind. To assist event organisers with this process please fill out the Post Event Report.

Budget Templates

GST-registered-expenditure-budget-form(DOCX, 14KB)

GST-registered-income-budget-form(DOCX, 14KB)

Not-GST-registered-expenditure-budget-form(DOCX, 13KB)

Not-GST-registered-income-budget-form(DOCX, 14KB)

Please contact our Events Team on 1300 656 564 or moyne@moyne.vic.gov.au to discuss your proposal in more detail before applying.