Plans, Documents and Reports

Public Transparency

In its ongoing drive for good governance and the importance of being an open and accountable organisation, Council information is made available in accordance with Public Transparency Principles in section 58 of the Local Government Act 2020.

Council’s Public Transparency Policy lists documents available to the Public. These include:

  • General Policies;
  • Information relating to Council meetings, which is made available;
  • Council Committees information available;
  • Councillor information;
  • Council Administration publicly available information;
  • Planning and Resourcing information available to the public;
  • Land use planning documents that are made available

Other documents are available here

 Council Documents

Council-Plan(PDF, 5MB)Council Plan Public Submissions Report(PDF, 245KB)  

Councillor Code of Conduct(PDF, 1MB)

Governance Rules(PDF, 755KB)

Revenue and Rating Plan 2021-2025(PDF, 921KB)

Annual Report

Available here


Please visit this page for details on current and previous budgets

Other Plans

Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-2021(PDF, 2MB)

Municipal Early Years Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Road Management Plan(PDF, 579KB)

Register of Public Roads(PDF, 560KB)

Domestic Animal Management Plan(DOCX, 295KB)

Avenues-of-Honour-Final-Report-2017(PDF, 11MB)

Tea Tree Lake Master Plan(PDF, 858KB)

Railway Place Precinct Plan(PDF, 2MB)

East Beach Master Plan(PDF, 17MB)

East-beach-Landfills Long Term Management Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Dairy-Supply-Chain-Study(PDF, 19MB)

Irvine Reserve Master Plan 2019(PDF, 6MB)

Woorndoo Plan Report(PDF, 5MB)

Macarthur Market Street Precinct Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Gardens Reserve Master Plan(PDF, 6MB)

Bicycle implementation strategy(PDF, 6MB)

Port-of-Port-Fairy-Master-Plan(PDF, 8MB)

Port-of-Port-Fairy-Concept-Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Gender Equality Action Plan- 2021-2025(PDF, 762KB)

2022-Peterborough-Streetscape-Plan_Final(PDF, 16MB) and Peterborough-Streetscape_Issues-and-Opportunities-Summary(PDF, 2MB)

Open Space Strategy

Open-Space-Strategy(PDF, 3MB)

Action-Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Executive Summary(PDF, 1MB)

Port Fairy Street Tree Management Plan

Volume 1(PDF, 3MB)

Volume 2(PDF, 9MB)

Volume 3(PDF, 4MB)

Council Adopted Policies

Available here

Local Laws

Moyne Local Law No.1 2015(PDF, 7MB)

Details of local laws are available here


Environmental Sustainability Strategy(PDF, 628KB)
Rating Strategy 2016(PDF, 4MB)

Other Reports

Woorndoo Heritage Assessments(PDF, 3MB)

Moyne-2021-Community-Satisfaction-Survey-Report(PDF, 3MB)

Hawkesdale Wind farm Background Noise Report

Simplified-Report(PDF, 14MB)

Technical-Report(PDF, 14MB)

Submissions - Wind Farm Complaints Handling Procedure

Submission-Wind-Farm-Complaints-Handling-Procedure-Anne-Blacker(PDF, 118KB)

Submission-Wind-Farm-Compliants-Handling-Procedure-AEIC(PDF, 771KB)

Submission-Wind-Farm-Compliants-Handling-Procedure-N-Blain(PDF, 480KB)

Wind-Farm-Living-Complaints-Submission-amended(PDF, 724KB)

Wind-Farm-Living-Submission-Complaint-Proforma-amended(PDF, 99KB)

Other documents

CEO-Employment-and-Remuneration-Committee-Charter(PDF, 133KB)

Gift-Benefits-and-Hospitality-Register-2019-2020-onwards(PDF, 42KB)

Asset-Management-Policy-2022-Final(PDF, 245KB)

Asset-Plan-2022-Final(PDF, 728KB)

Buildings-AMP-2022-Final(PDF, 691KB)

Coastal-and-Marine-AMP-2022-Final(PDF, 791KB)

Commercial-AMP-2022-Final(PDF, 706KB)

Drainage-AMP-2022-Final(PDF, 661KB)

Open-Space-AMP-2022-Final(PDF, 728KB)

Road-infrastructure-AMP-2022-Final(PDF, 657KB)