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Our four bin system of waste collection – FOGO, Recycling, Glass, and Landfill – is a best practice approach to prevent recyclable items going to landfill. Recovered waste is being created into useful products, moving Moyne Shire Council towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

It’s important you know what goes in each of the bins, visit the collection page for each bin in this section, see links below for full details on what goes in each bin. If in doubt, leave it out.

Changes to our kerbside collection service are not just better for the environment, it’s better economic management of our waste – it’s Better4Moyne.

Details on each of our four bins

Green FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) bin

Yellow Recycling Bin

Purple Glass only bin

Red Landfill bin

Resources for visitor accommodation property managers

Download the Visitor Waste Information Sheet here - to include in your welcome pack/folder, to provide visitors with details on what goes in each of the four kerbside waste bins.

Download the Waste Colour-by-numbers Activity Sheet here to include in your welcome pack/folder as a fun prompt for kids.

In home waste separation fact sheet

The basic rule of recycling: separation matters.

Make recycling easier by setting up an affective and easy-to-use recycling sorting system in your home. Read the Waste Separation in the Home fact sheet for steps that will help you establish a recycling system that you can stick to, without too much daily effort.

In-home waste separation systems

A comprehensive recycling system doesn’t require fancy bins and storage bags, making use of what containers are already  available is a great way to include reusing in your recycling habits.

Separating your waste inside as you use it into different, bins, bags, crates, boxes (whatever works for you) and then taking these out to your bins and putting them in the right bin, can save you time and help to get it right as you are separating as you go. You can use any container that works for you and you may want to choose items to suit your décor.

1. Use your kitchen caddy for food scraps and empty this in your green FOGO bin.

2. Use a separate container to collected paper, cans, tins, aerosols and plastics with the recycle symbol 1 and 2 and empty this into your yellow recycling bin. Empty it loose, remember no bagged items.

3. Use another container to collect glass bottles and jars and empty this into your purple glass bin. Empty it loose, remember no bagged items and no lids.

4. Use a waste bin for your remaining rubbish and bag this up and put it into your red landfill bin.

For more hints and tips read the fact sheet here.

Better4Moyne video - Watch our information video for details on what goes in each of your kerbside bins and where your materials go!

Who do I contact for further information? 

Moyne Shire Council (03) 5568 0555 or