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As a long-term solution to avoid sending recyclables to landfill Moyne Shire Council introduced a fourth kerbside bin for glass separation across the entire shire in February.

Glass is considered a contaminant when mixed with other recyclables because it smashes and mixes with paper and plastic, making them difficult to process.

Our four bin system of waste collection – FOGO, Recycling, Glass, and Landfill – is a best practice approach to prevent recyclable items going to landfill. Recovered waste is being created into useful products, moving Moyne Shire Council towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

It’s important you know what goes in each of the bins, visit the collection page for each bin in this section, see links below for full details on what goes in each bin. If in doubt, leave it out.

Changes to our kerbside collection service are not just better for the environment, it’s better economic management of our waste – it’s Better4Moyne.

Details on each of our four bins

Green FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) bin

Yellow Recycling Bin

Purple Glass only bin

Red Landfill bin

Better4Moyne video - Watch our information video for details on what goes in each of your kerbside bins and where your materials go!

Who do I contact for further information? 

Moyne Shire Council (03) 5568 0555 or