Rebates and discounts for energy efficiency and solar

If you have been considering making your home more energy efficient, now is a great time.

Examples of energy efficiency activities you may be able to claim rebates for:

  • Replacing your old heater with a split system air conditioner
  • Replacing your old hot water system with an efficient solar or heat pump hot water system
  • Upgrading your lights to LEDs
  • Draught proofing products
  • Buying an energy efficient fridge, dishwasher, washing machine or clothes dryer
  • Installing solar panels or batteries
  • Replacing old windows with double glazed windows

With so many rebates and discounts, you could make some big improvements to your home that will result in lower energy and a more comfortable home for many years to come.

Solar Homes Program

You can only access one of these programs.

Solar Panels (PV) rebate.

For both owner/occupiers and rental owners, a rebate of $1,400 may apply. Optional additional $1,400 interest-free loan.

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Solar Hot Water/heat pump.

Receive up to 50% rebate (max $1,000) on installation of a new solar hot water or heat pump hot water system.

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Victorian Energy Upgrades

This program provides rebates and discounts.  Eligible products include: fridges, freezers, double glazed windows, clothes dryers, hot water systems, pool pumps, showerheads, weather proofing strips, TVs, lighting, water efficiency, space heating and cooling, chimney dampers and vent covers. 

Power Saving Bonus

$250 Power saving Bonus for those eligible – must apply to receive it.

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