Folk Festival busking permit application

Moyne Shire in conjunction with the folk festival organisers welcomes buskers and street performers to Port Fairy.

The Port Fairy Folk Festival Committee is responsible for determining where buskers and street performers are allowed to perform.

Buskers and street performers that require an exclusive busking site and who intend to sell CDs or any other products will be required to prearrange a permit with the Port Fairy Tourism Association stall holder coordinator: 

The permit is likely to include the following conditions

  • That all busking & performances start after 9am and cease by 9pm.
  • Busking consent agreement is valid from 9am 11 March 2022 until midday 14 March 2022 
  • Busking is only to be performed in the designated area.
  • Obey any directions given to you by a member of the Victoria Police or an Authorised Council Officer (Local Laws Officer).
  • Do not interfere with other busking acts that are performing at the same time.
  • Busking must not unreasonably impede free access along the footpaths and into shops.
  • Selling of merchandise, other than own original material, is not permitted.
  • That no 240v or portable amplification is used.
  • That the busker’s acoustic volume is a reasonable level (ie: not of detriment to others, including performers, shopkeepers or the public).
  • That the proposed act is of a family entertainment nature.
  • That your performance will not be aggressive, dangerous or offensive to the public.
  • Busking consent agreements are not transferable.
  • Buskers who do not comply with the consent guidelines will be asked to leave the street and will not be given approval in future.
  • Buskers are responsible for, must abide by, and address any existing Covid 19 laws while performing. 
  • Any busking performances involving ‘volunteers’ or ‘assistants’ randomly selected from the crowd or audience should be avoided during Covid 19 protocols. 


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