Local Government Elections

Council Elections

Local Government elections are held every four years. The Moyne Shire Council general election was held in October 2020.  

Summary of Campaign Donation Returns – 2020

In accordance with section 307 (2) of the Local Government Act 2020 Council must ensure that a summary of each election campaign donation return given to the Chief Executive Officer under section 306 is made available on the Council's Internet site. 

• WALLACE, Ian –no disclosable gifts
• RYAN, Colin – no election donation form received
• GLEESON, Damian – no disclosable gifts
• MACKEY, Stephen – no disclosable gifts
• GRANT, Genevieve – no disclosable gifts
• IDDON, Penny – no disclosable gifts
• MEADE, Daniel – no disclosable gifts
• PURCELL, James – no disclosable gifts
• LOCKETT, Jordan – no disclosable gifts
• GOODALL, Kelvin – no disclosable gifts
• FOSTER, Karen – no disclosable gifts
• LENEHAN, Viva-Lyn – no disclosable gifts
• SMITH, Ian – no disclosable gifts
• HOEY, Arthur – no election donation form received
• ROBINSON, Bill – no disclosable gifts
• DOUKAS, Jim – no disclosable gifts



View the Election Caretaker Period Policy here(PDF, 1MB)