Public participation at Council meetings

The public participation segment for each meeting will be held during the formal Council Meeting following the Confirmation of Minutes (of previous meetings).

Public participation in a Council meeting may include:

A person making a statement may:

(a)   speak on behalf of themselves or another person or group of persons;

(b)   speak to a matter on the agenda for the scheduled meeting;

(c)   speak on any other matter that falls within the Council’s responsibilities.

Participants and observers at a Council meeting must:

(a)    treat all persons at the meeting with due courtesy;

(b)    respect for the roles of the Mayor, the Councillors and the Council staff; and

(c)    avoid behaviour that is disruptive or that prevents the Council from conducting the meeting in an orderly way.

The following guidelines apply when addressing the Council

Unless an extension is granted by a ruling of the Mayor, a member of the public asking a question or making a statement under this Division (Part 7 Division 5) must not speak for more than five minutes.

If the Mayor considers that a member of the public is making comments that are offensive or defamatory when given the opportunity to ask a question or make a statement

(a) the Mayor must direct the person to cease speaking; and

(b) the meeting must proceed to the next matter.

Livestreaming of Council meetings and retention of recordings

With the exception of matters identified as confidential items in the agenda, all Council meetings will be livestreamed via Council’s Facebook page and video recorded (including the public participation sections of the meeting).  The video recordings of the meeting will be uploaded to Council’s website and will be accessible by the general public. By participating in and addressing those present at the meeting, you consent to any information you disclose (including any personal information or sensitive information) being recorded and uploaded to the website.


Moyne Shire Council is collecting information  for the purposes of Public Participation at a Public Meeting of the Council. Your name and / or name of who is being represented will appear in the meeting agenda, minutes and become a public record. Other personal information, may be used for the purpose of a written reply to you. Any further information you may choose to disclose in the course of the Public meeting of the Council will be livestreamed and form part of video recordings that are available on Council website.

We will not use your personal information for any other purpose without first seeking your consent, unless authorised or required by law. The Council may not be able to process your request unless sufficient information is given. You may contact Moyne Shire Council for access to and/or amendment of the information on (03) 5568 0555.


Personal information and/or sensitive information may be collected about you during the course of Council meetings, particularly where you are participating in the public participation section of the meeting. 

If personal information/sensitive information is disclosed during the course of the meeting, either by you directly or by a third party, this information will form part of the video recordings which will be able available on the Council website and available in council meeting minutes.

By consenting you agree to the use and disclosure of any personal information/sensitive information that you share during the course of the meeting for the purposes of Council carrying out its functions.

It will remain the responsibility of the member attending electronically to ensure that they have the required access and environment suitable for electronic communications. Council is not responsible for any data usage charges or technical difficulties a member of the public may experience in attending a public meeting by electronic means of communication, accessing the livestreaming or recording of meetings.  

For more information on Council’s Privacy Policy click here

Any person wishing to address the Council must submit details in writing of the nature of the issue/question they wish to raise by 12 noon on the Monday prior to the meeting day.  A separate form must be completed for each issue or unrelated question.