Public participation at Council meetings


Members of the public attending a Council meeting may address the meeting in respect of either:
a) any item listed in the business paper; or,
b) any other matter relevant to the activities and projects of the Council.

Any person wishing to address the Council must submit details in writing of the nature of the issue/question they wish to raise by 12 noon on the Monday prior to the meeting day using the public participation form(PDF, 142KB).


Public Participation is the section of the meeting allocated for members of the public who wish to raise questions or make statements to the Council Public Participation commences at 4pm

The following guidelines apply when addressing the Council:
a) a limit of two (2) speakers on any one item (1 speaker for and 1 speaker against the recommendation);
- the objector or person in opposition speaks first,
- the applicant or person in support speaks second.
b) each speaker is limited to five (5) minutes
with a possible three (3) minutes extension;
c) at the Chairman’s discretion, Councillors may ask relevant questions to the presenter. No general discussion will be allowed;
d) at the end of each public participation item the subject raised will be immediately considered by the Council. Notwithstanding, the Council may decide to defer the item to a later time or date;
e) the Chairman will advise speakers when their allotted time is up;
f) the Chairman has discretion to cause the removal of any person who disrupts any meeting or fails to comply with a direction

Any person proposing to distribute written material in support of their presentation must provide the material to the Chair before the session commences.


The Chairman must not allow any person to speak or continue to speak on any topic which:
(a) is defamatory; or,
(b) is objectionable in language; or,
(c) is outside the powers of the Council; or,
(d) is direct or implied criticism of any member of the Council or Council staff.

Council meeting

Any matters raised at a public participation session will be considered by the Council at the subsequent Council meeting. The matters will be considered after the confirmation of minutes of previous meetings and be considered in the order they were raised at the public participation session.