Road improvements

Road Works and House_380x250px.png

The Barwon South West Dairy Supply Chain Study outlines the case for a $317.5 million investment over ten years into the road network in South West Victoria, which supports Australia’s largest dairy production region, responsible for 24 percent of Australia’s milk production.

The report notes, “the freight task needed to transport production inputs, milk and final goods to market is significant and costs industry around $345 million per annum, around 29 per cent of total expenditure. The road network across the region, as well as the entry and exit points to the region, are critical to the competitiveness of the industry”[1].

Improving the condition of local and regional roads throughout Moyne will benefit not only the dairying industry and associated supply chains; but also other major users of the South West Roads network, including the forestry, tourism, livestock transport, wind farm construction, and aluminium sectors. 

As indicated in the Study, the proposed investment is a long-term proposition over ten years. However, it is important that works commence as a matter of urgency, as any delays will result in further deterioration of the roads, and increase the cost of upgrades, improvements and repairs.


Moyne has identified several local roads for immediate remedial works, at an estimated cost of $5 million. This will address immediate safety issues, as well as facilitate the growing freight task over the long-term. Details of these road projects are contained in the Dairy Supply Chain Study.