Koroit Township renewal

Koroit Street_380x250px.png

Koroit is the second largest community in Moyne Shire with the main urban centre home to home to approximately 1,600 people with a forecast population of 1,850 by 2041.  The town also serves a wider rural catchment including Crossley, Killarney, Kirkstall, Winslow, Woolsthorpe, Mailors Flat and other rural localities.  With its close proximity to the major centre of Warrnambool, Koroit offers an attractive lifestyle location for living, working, tourism and recreation with many heritage and natural features and affordable living choices.

The town provides a range of important services including health, education, retail, library, post office, rural supplies, sport and recreation facilities, visitor and tourism services and range of businesses including the Bega milk processing plant.  The town is also located next to the popular Tower Hill Game Reserve which attracts over 250,000 visitors each year and has attracted an $11.3 million investment from the Victorian Government to improve the visitor experience.

The township renewal project would include a new streetscape for the main street of Koroit, including undergrounding of over-head power lines, new footpath pavements and street trees and furniture. The village green would be upgraded to enhance usability for a range of different community users, and additional parking would accommodate increased patronage to new and emerging businesses, including new retail outlets, a boutique brewery and the current supermarket expansion.