Energy projects

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Renewable Energy

Moyne Shire forms a large proportion of the South West Victoria candidate Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) and is the major growth area for wind energy facility development in Victoria. Within Moyne Shire there are five operational wind farms, two under construction, three with permits but not yet constructed and three seeking permits or in the feasibility stage. lf all these wind farms are constructed the Shire will host approximately 800 turbines, generating about 3 GW of electricity and covering over 12 % of Moyne Shire's land area.

The cumulative impacts of wind farms are a current issue for Council and its community. Noise, visual, traffic, road, accommodation and environmental impacts are consistently raised by the community as areas of concern. Council resolved on the 27 November 2018 to oppose any further wind farm development until recommendations in the National Wind Farm Commissioners 2017 annual report were implemented in the Victorian context.

Port Fairy Smart Energy Precinct

The Port Fairy Smart Energy Precinct (PFSEP) is an exciting and innovative initiative that seeks to counteract escalating energy prices, through collaboration and renewable energy technology. The Port Fairy Smart Energy Precinct has been founded by the following businesses through the realisation that they have shared ambitions and outcomes in relation to increasing their uptake of reliable locally generated renewable energy and a desire to deliver broader community benefits.

  • Bamstone – Nationally recognised manufacturer of natural stone products
  • Southern Ocean Mariculture – International exporter of marine food products
  • Sun Pharma – Global pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Wannon Water – Regional water authority for the South West of Victoria
  • Moyne Health Services – Regional health provider

Funding ask $300K to align with renewable energy infrastructure such as battery storage, wind turbines and solar.

Food and Fibre – energy requirements

Moyne Shire supports calls by the Great South Coast Group to upgrade single phase power to three phase infrastructure in South West Victoria.

Upgrading the region’s power infrastructure would underpin efforts to modernise irrigation and strengthen agricultural water security, and better prepare the region for the impacts of climate change. It would support the region’s key sectors of agriculture, food and fibre, as well as tourism.

This upgrade, covering less than 100 kilometres of single phase line and estimated to cost almost $9 million, would bring at least $2 million in value annually in the form of jobs, economic value and flow-on spending.