Septic Systems

septic tank

Anyone wishing to install or alter a septic tank system must first obtain a permit from Moyne Shire Council. All systems must be installed in accordance with the Victorian Environment Protection Authority Code of Practice.

An application form can be found here(PDF, 69KB).

For more information regarding on-site wastewater and greywater re-use options please read the following factshhets

1 Introduction to Onsite Wastewater Systems for New Applicants(PDF, 675KB)
2 Septic Tank and Soil Absorption Trench Systems(PDF, 658KB)
3 How to Maintain a Healthy Septic System(PDF, 490KB)
4 Septic System Troubleshooting(PDF, 765KB)
5 Owner Actions to Improve Septic System Function(PDF, 299KB)
6 Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems(PDF, 575KB)
7 Aerated Wastewater Treatment System Trouble Shooting(PDF, 651KB)
8 Septic Tank and Sand Filter Wastewater Systems(PDF, 976KB)
9 Septic Tank and Reed Bed Systems(PDF, 369KB)
10 Composting Toilets(PDF, 493KB)
11 Land Capability Assessment Information Guide(PDF, 359KB)
12 Plants for Wastewater Effluent Areas(PDF, 145KB)
13 Greywater Re-Use Options(PDF, 467KB)
14 Effluent Disposal Wick Trench and Bed System(PDF, 500KB)
15 Effluent Disposal Eta Systems(PDF, 833KB)
16 Effluent Disposal Dosed for AWT Systems(PDF, 790KB) 

Alternatively you may contact the Environmental Health Unit on (03) 5568 0555 or alternatively refer to the EPA website which contains comprehensive information and relevant publications for wastewater management