Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

We invite you to read Moyne Shire's Economic Development Strategy 2019-29. It includes:

  • a ten-year strategy of key pillars and a long term vision for sustainable economic growth in the Shire, to be reviewed every five years.
  • a five-year action plan of clear, measurable actions, to be reviewed annually.

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Download Strategy + Action Plan(PDF, 22MB)                                      Download Action Plan only(PDF, 12MB)                             

  Key pillars

Over the next decade, Moyne Shire will focus on six key economic areas. Information and actions in the strategy address these pillars:

1. People and place
2. Attracting investment
3. Major local industries
              Renewable Energy
4. Role of Moyne Shire
5. Sustainability
6. Together as a region

Background and thank you
Research and data analysis contributed to an extensive Background Report(PDF, 5MB). This evidence, along with public and industry consultations, then informed the strategy and action plan. Consultations included over 400 contributions to interviews, phone calls, community sessions, workshops and an online survey.
We thank everyone who attended meetings or provided input during the project. Your feedback and ideas have helped us capture the aspirations, expertise and experience of our region's employers and employees, local business owners, service providers and community groups. This has given the plan a powerful local voice and focus.
This is the first independent economic plan for Moyne Shire as previous strategies were shared documents with Warrnambool City Council. The project was supported by Regional Development Victoria's Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund.

Implementing the strategy

We are excited to have a clear plan outlining the path toward a diverse, sustainable and inspiring local economy, and work on prioritised tasks is under way. There are 24 actions set for commencement and/or completion in Year 1. $150,000 has been allocated to initiate these actions and a permanent Economic Development Officer role was appointed in late 2019 to help drive and track the Strategy's progress.

About Economic Development

  • Economic development (sometimes called ecodev) is about more than jobs and businesses, it's about people. It's about creating excellent places for people to live, work, visit and invest.
  • It's about having long term visions with short term plans to achieve the big goals.
  • It involves working with new and existing businesses; small operations and large industries; grants and funding opportunities; farming, tourism, retail, health, hospitality and other sectors; exporting; innovation and technology; community involvement; land use and town planning; business growth; networking; research and science; training and education; regional initiatives and much more...
  • Councils play a role by creating long-term strategies and doable action plans.
  • To give you an idea of the kinds of activities that fall under economic development, check out the State Government's site.
For more information, contact Loren Tuck on or call 5568 0573.