Supported playgroups Referral Page


10 weekly sessions. Facilitated during the school term. For approximately 2 hours each week.


Free. With a healthy snack provided!


Families with children 0 – 5 years (birth to until they start school).

Supported Playgroup is a targeted service.


Smalltalk Supported Playgroup refers to a set of ideas and information that is shared with the parent that can enhance the home learning environment.

Smalltalk focuses on improving the quality of everyday interactions between parents and children to promote learning and improve the quality of the early home learning environment.


Smalltalk is a low-intensity intervention designed to embedded within and delivered in the context of Supported Playgroup. The facilitator will use incidental teaching opportunities as they arise to suggest, draw attention to and model the use of the skills and practice the strategies that are the core components of Smalltalk.

Family Eligibility to attend Supported Playgroup

Please refer all families that you think might be eligible to attend Supported Playgroup in the Moyne Shire. The facilitator will contact the family and discuss if their family will be eligible to attend.

In-home Support

Some families will be eligible for fortnightly in-home support.

To be determined by the facilitator and the family.

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