Nullawarre Kindergarten

Our Philosophy

Nullawarre Kindergarten acknowledges the Gunditjmara as the traditional owners of the land. Our learning community recognizes and values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Nullawarre Kindergarten is situated in a coastal farming community.  The children’s play often reflects their coastal and farming lifestyle and experiences.  We provide a range of carefully planned play based programmes. We believe that play is crucial to the development of children. It is the way they explore, discover and learn about the world, each other and themselves.

Our educational Philosophy is strongly influenced by the National Quality Framework and the Victorian Quality Framework, “Belonging, Becoming and Being”. 

Each child individuality is valued and respected through recognizing that each child is able to exercise choice which matches their interests, needs and capabilities. We like to foster independent exploration so that the children become successful, competent, independent and capable learners.

We like to create an environment which is inclusive and is based on acceptance of, and respect for, the diversity of each child and their family regardless of ability, gender, race, language, culture or economic status.

We are committed to implementing sustainability into learning and practice. This is done through many different ways including; recycling, reusing and reducing rubbish, child maintained vegetables, not using lights inside, our large water tank and by reducing carbon emissions by encouraging the children to travel on the school bus.

We believe in the importance of families being the child’s first teacher. We recognise that family relationships are important and crucial in a child’s life. Families understand their child better than anyone else and we appreciate the sharing of information and ideas to enhance child’s learning, and actively encourage family participation.

We acknowledge that the safety and wellbeing of each child is paramount. Child safe standards guide our practice. We strive to foster self-worth in each child, and for them to become a positive member of the kinder, and wider community.

We value and respect staff individuality, knowledge, qualification, experience and encourage growth and positive team cooperation. Our educators are positive role models, guiding behaviour by example, and interacting with children in a way that encourages learning as a pleasant and enjoyable experience. By using reflective practices and continually developing our professional knowledge and skills, our educators are able to provide the best possible leaning and developmental opportunities for all children.

Kindergarten is about joy and creating happy childhood memories. We want children to love coming to Nullawarre Kindergarten. We them to wake up in the morning and say, “Is it a Kinder day today?”


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Services provided:

3 year old kindergarten
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