Merri Kindergarten

Our Philosophy

Merri Kindergarten is dedicated to providing a welcoming, inclusive community which values and respects childhood and encourages the development of Identity.  We acknowledge the Aboriginal people as the first peoples of Australia, and the Gunditjmara People as the Traditional Owners of the land on which we play and learn.  

 We believe that each Child is shaped by their cultural background and that we need to provide a curriculum which respects and reflects this.  We recognize that through acknowledging and incorporating traditional and contemporary Indigenous Culture in our curriculum, we are able to work towards developing a better understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing and being. 

We strive to promote inclusive practices to enrich and embrace the backgrounds, abilities and experiences of all Children. We value and promote respect, tolerance and understanding for all in our community.  We aim to celebrate cultural differences and likenesses.  Everyone is encouraged to be proud of who they are. 

At Merri Kindergarten we are committed to providing a high quality “play based” Educational Program which facilitates the development of Children’s sense of identity, and self esteem and which will enable Children to develop to their full potential. We believe Children are capable, competent, co-contributors and active participants in their own learning.  We commit to providing a stimulating and responsive environment where encouragement and positive reinforcement promote children’s learning. This includes a commitment to valuing, respecting and providing equal experiences and opportunities for all Children, regardless of gender. We support and encourage respectful relationships which facilitate gender equality to ensure Children are not limited by gender expectations and/or stereotypes.

We acknowledge Childhood as a time of Being, Belonging and Becoming

We value the wonder, experience and joy of Children “Being” Children.

We recognize and celebrate their interests, abilities, play and relationships “now”. We recognize a sense of “Belonging” is vital for all Children.  We are committed to providing an environment in which Children feel safe, secure and confident to take on new experiences and challenges, and in which each Child and Family feel a valued member of our Kindergarten community.

We also acknowledge and celebrate what Children are “Becoming”.  We will provide an environment and experiences which enable Children to explore, grow, develop and learn so they can become the unique individuals they are capable of becoming.

The Program must be:

  • Based upon the Principles, Practice and Learning Outcomes identified in an approved Learning Framework ie Early Year’s Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Victorian Early Year’s Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF).
  • Based on developmentally appropriate practice reflecting a knowledge and understanding of Child development and the processes of learning.
  • Reflective of the ages, stages of development, needs, interests and abilities of the Children.
  • Responsive to the needs of Families using the Service and to those of the local community.
  • Reviewed through an ongoing process of critical reflection in order to strive for continuous improvement.
  • Reflective of the value of both indoor and outdoor environments and the opportunities and experiences they provide for learning.

An understanding of the natural environment is considered an integral part of the Merri Kindergarten experience.  We believe Children have the right to a healthy and sustainable future.  We incorporate natural materials and resources into our Program.  We strongly encourage the active exploration of our extensive outdoor learning environments. 

We recognize that providing children with time to “be” and to engage and connect with the outdoor environment, is vital to support learning and promote wellbeing.  Learning and engaging with nature fosters an appreciation and respect for the environment; a foundation for healthy living and the grounding for independent, creative and resilient children.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to become actively involved in the planning, implementation and day to day operation of the Program.  Kindergarten Educators acknowledge and respect the important role of Parents in their Child’s growth, development and education.  We view ourselves as partners within a “learning community”, - working with Children, Parents/Families and members of the local community, - to promote the wellbeing, development and education of all Children.

Educators will strive to develop positive working relationships with Parents/Caregivers - which are based on mutual respect, trust and open communication - so that Educators are able to support and complement the child rearing functions of the Family/Caregivers.



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