Chatsworth Centre Based Care

Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing an inclusive and culturally safe environment for all Australians, discovering and sharing rich traditions, values and history of all cultures. We will embrace and celebrate reconciliation through equality, equity and unity.

At Chatsworth Centre Based Care we provide a safe, welcoming, caring and friendly learning environment. We value each child as the individual that they are and are inclusive of all children and their families. We are a small, rural community and take the time to build a strong connection to the children in our care and their families. We believe that children should be seen, heard and believed, we will be advocates for all children. We value the input and support we receive from our families and believe this helps us to better engage with the children and to develop a better understanding of their interests and strengths. Building strong connections and relationships with families are paramount in fostering relationships. We understand that all families are different and hold different values and beliefs, by respecting these we allow for open communication and the development of mutual trust.

We provide a play based program for the children to engage, explore and extend their learning at their own pace and development. Educators work together as a team and value the input each individual has to offer the program. We endeavour to provide children with a nurturing and fun environment where they can develop their confidence and independence and further their curiosity and exploration.


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