Maternal and Child Health Service

All phone enquiries and appointment bookings to the central booking number 0484 962 574

What is the Maternal and Child Health Service?

Moyne Shire Council maintains a dedicated team of Maternal and Child Health Nurses who provide a free family-centred service to parents and carers with children from birth to school age. Working in partnership with families the Maternal and Child Health Nurse offers guidance, support and information in all aspects of parenting, child health and development, maternal health and family well-being.

The Maternal and Child Health Service offers:

  • 10 Key Age and Stage assessments where the individual health, growth and development of your child is monitored. At each visit, you are given the opportunity to discuss any concerns, talk about your parenting experiences and learn how to improve your child’s health, growth and development.
  • Maternal health and wellbeing assessment, information and advice.
  • Health information, guidance and advice is provided on nutrition, feeding, parenting, development, safety and current immunisation practices.
  • Appropriate referral to allied health services and health professionals.
  • First-time parents groups, to share information & develop social networks. For more information speak with your Maternal and Child Health Nurse.
  • Families with additional needs are supported through our Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Service which offers in-home visiting support
  • The 24-hour Maternal and Child Health Line 132 229 provides information, advice and support 24/7.

When to attend



The 10 Key Ages and Stages visits include a home visit and then centre visits at two, four and eight weeks; four, eight, twelve and eighteen months; two and three and a half years of age.

Additional visits are available for first-time parents and families with particular needs.

Timetable and locations

Phone enquiries and appointment bookings can be made through our central booking phone line on 0484 962 574

We offer Maternal and Child Health services in Mortlake, Koroit, Port Fairy, Macarthur and in Fairy St Warrnambool 

  • Mortlake              Thursday & Thursday
  • Koroit                    Monday     
  • Port Fairy             Tuesday & Friday
  • Warrnambool     Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Friday

Please note: Operating hours may vary over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding information and support is available through the Australian Breastfeeding Association website or the 24 hour Breastfeeding Helpline 1800 mum 2 mum; 1800 686 268.