Woorndoo Street Tree Replacement

Submissions closing on 31 May 2022, 12:00 AM

woorndoo tree.jpg

Following the development of the Woorndoo Township Plan 2019 and Council’s endorsement of the findings and recommendations contained in the Woorndoo Heritage Assessment Report noting the local significance of the Woorndoo Avenue of Honour, Council is preparing to replant the avenue with Silky Oaks. 

Ahead of the replanting, Council is seeking the stories of service men and women from the community. Community members wishing to share photos or stories can complete a form below. 

The stories and images provided will be used in materials to highlight the significance of the avenue and the service of the people of the Woorndoo area. 

A community Planting Day has been scheduled for 26th June 2022 which will allow for planting to acknowledge the local Woorndoo service personnel followed by a community lunch at Woorndoo Recreation Reserve.