Budget 2022/23

Submissions closing on 20 May 2022, 04:00 PM


Council is pleased to present the 2022-23 Budget.

The Budget aims for Council to continue to provide the wide range of services and infrastructure to its communities whilst recognising the tight economic environment and the need to remain financially sustainable into the future.

The COVID pandemic has added further complexity to council operations over the past two years however the 2022-23 budget assumes that the major impacts of COVID have passed.

Council continues to review how it delivers its services and to drive innovation and efficiency gains to sustain its operations and is mindful of the vast areas and communities that it serves.

The Draft Budget includes a total Operating Budget of $52.7 million and a Capital Works Program totalling $17.9 million.

Council continues to implement Councils Integrated and Strategic Framework (LG Act 2020) including key strategic documents:

  • My Moyne My Future - Community Vision;
  • Council Plan (incorporating the Municipal health & Wellbeing Plan);
  • Financial Plan;
  • Asset Plan;
  • Workforce Plan;

The Budget provides the financial resources to achieve the outcomes set out in these major strategies and also caters for the ongoing asset renewal commitment to ensure that Council’s asset base of $607 million is adequately renewed and upgraded.

The 2022-23 draft budget incorporates a 1.75 per cent increase in rates and charges. This is in line with the state governments Fair Go Rates System (FGRS) which has capped rate increases by Victorian Councils to the forecast movement in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Despite the financial challenge this poses, Council is determined to maintain and enhance its services, while working within the cap.

The draft budget presented achieves a balanced financial result and has been developed through a rigorous process of consultation and review including community input.

Key financial indicators

 Total operating expenditure of $52.7 million

Operating surplus of $1.4 million

An adjusted underlying surplus of $0.02 million

A capital works program of $17.9 million, including asset renewal of $14.5 million

Cash and investments of $8.68 million inclusive of council reserves

Working capital ratio of 1.19 current assets to 1.0 current liability

New Initiatives

The 2022-23 Operating Budget provides the following new initiatives including:

  • South Beach inundation prevention options analysis ($75,000);
  • Koroit Health Services site joint development strategic planning ($50,000);
  • Playground strategic planning ($30,000).
  • Disability action plan ($20,000).
  • Transition services to O365.


Council’s commitment to capital works will reach $17.9 million including $9.2 million on Council’s road network. Highlights include:

  • Roads $9.2 million including road rehabilitation $5.8 million, resealing program $2.1 million and unsealed road resheeting $1.0 million and intersection works $0.1 million;
  • Bridges $0.52 million bridge renewal;
  • Buildings $0.64 million including building renewal program $0.58 million and upgrade works at the Blackwood Centre Koroit $0.02 million;
  • Land and Natural Assets $2.2 million including East Beach masterplan implementation $1.7 million;
  • Recreation $0.23 million including Hawkesdale Recreation cricket nets $0.11 million, and floating pontoon Killarney $0.01 million;
  • Parks and Open Space $0.17 million including $0.07 million for outdoor exercise equipment at Port Fairy and $0.06 million for Wangoom Hall site improvements including playground;
  • Major Drainage Works $0.56 million;
  • Footpath renewal program $0.25 million.

People wishing to make a written submission to the 2022/23 Draft Budget can do so by filling in the form below or sending a submission to

The Chief Executive Officer
Moyne Shire Council
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