Spray sealing capability statement

Spray sealing is a quick and economical alternative to asphalting for a range of light and medium duty applications.

Spray sealing is achieved by spraying a thin film of bituminous binder on to a road surface, and then covering it with a layer of aggregate. The bituminous binder acts as a waterproofing layer and prevents water entering the underlying road structure. The aggregate protects this layer from damage by vehicle tyres, and together they form a durable, skid resistant and dust free surface.

Why spray seal?

Spray sealing is a cost effective alternative to asphalting for a range of light and medium duty applications.

A spray seal will:

  • provide durable, safe and dust-free surfacing
  • protect the base from the effects of traffic and the environment by preventing moisture ingress into the pavement structure
  • provide adequate skid resistance over the life of the surfacing.


We can provide a suitable spray seal to comply with Austroads standards. Typical applications include:

  • C170 Single/Single primer and final seals
  • C170 Double/Double primer and final seals
  • C170 prime prior to asphalt

We can complete a project of any scale from a residential driveway, a highway or even an airport.

Asset management

Renewal of the pavement surface with spray sealing minimises the rate of pavement wear and whole-of-life maintenance costs.

Company profile and fleet

Council’s sealing crew consists of a bitumen sprayer, pneumatic rollers, road brooms, tippers, traffic controllers and are supported by Council’s in house project managers, engineers and administration staff.

We have depots in Mortlake, Koroit, Macarthur and Naringal and operate throughout the Great South Coast and Western Victoria

Key Projects

In addition to Council’s own primer sealing and resealing works our spray sealing team has experience in delivering various capital works projects including:

  • Regional airport primer and final sealing
  • Regional Roads Victoria resealing
  • Primes prior to asphalt
  • Driveway sealing

Quality control

All works including spray seal design are undertaken in accordance with Guide to Pavement Technology Part 4K: Selection and Design of Sprayed Seals

Traffic control

We can provide traffic management services or operate as a subcontractor under existing traffic management arrangements.

Occupational Health and Safety

Council takes its obligations very seriously to ensure the safety of its sealing team, the general public and adjoining properties are not adversely affected by the works.

Safety Data Sheets and Safe Work Method Statements are available upon request.

For a quotation or further information contact

Alan Prattley

Bitumen Sealing Supervisor, Moyne Shire Council

Phone 1300 656 564, or 0427 504 323


ABN 69 056 376 923