Business Facade Improvement program

Applications for the 2024 program are now open and will close on 16 September 2024.

The program assists Moyne businesses to improve their business facade that will enhance the appeal of the local streetscape within the commercial and shopping areas of the shire.

Council will competitively allocate funding to successful businesses on a matched funding basis up to $5,000. Total budget for the incentive is $50,000 and this will be allocated on a case-by-case basis subject to council approval until the allocated budget has been spent or the scheme year has ended.

Council contribution is subject to the number of applicants and funding requested versus the total budget allocated to the program.

Funding available

Council has allocated $50,000* grant funding for the 2024/25 program. Businesses can apply on a $1: $1 basis to complete improvements to their facades with the grant amount capped at $5,000 (incl. GST) per business.

As an example, for a project with a total cost of $10,000 (including GST):

  • Business provides $5,000 (including GST)
  • Council provides $5,000 (including GST)

Businesses can choose to contribute more than 50% of the total project cost, but will still only be eligible for a maximum of $5,000 (incl. GST) from council.

If a business only wanted to complete minor works, they could apply for an amount under $5,000. An example of this would be for a project with a total cost of $2,000 (incl. GST)

  • Business - $1,000 (including GST)
  • Council - $1,000 (including GST)

* Council contribution is subject to the number of applicants and funding requested versus the total budget allocated to the program.

Eligible works

The work must improve the building and street face by doing more than maintenance. Facade store front restoration works eligible for consideration include the following:

  • Repainting of building facade and windows
  • Installation/upgrade of the business signage
  • Renewal of under-awning lighting, streetscape lighting; or awning structure
  • Repairs or replacements of verandahs
  • Cleaning the existing facade and removal of cladding or redundant material, such as signage, air conditioning units or hoardings
  • Reinstatement of lost elements, or fabric to the facade of the building
  • Limited permanent interior improvements if these are visible from the exterior

Eligibility criteria

The program is open to any business located in a commercial / township area of the shire that has street frontage or any business located in the shire with a permanent building facade that is readily visible from a transport zone 2 road (see map). Home based business or businesses with no street frontage are not eligible.

The applicant must be a Moyne based business or a property owner that leases to a Moyne based business.

Property owners with a vacant building in Moyne, that intend to lease to a Moyne based business, are eligible to apply.

Businesses must be registered for an ABN. Property owners without an ABN must complete the ATO ‘statement by a supplier’ form as part of their application.

Preference is given to small businesses, which employ fewer than twenty full-time-equivalent staff members, however larger businesses are eligible to apply.

The proposed works cannot include structural works for a building listed in the heritage overlay.

Only works that improve the overall look of the business facade from the main thoroughfare will be considered. Interior works or works to other areas of the building will not be considered unless they are clearly visible from a public area with significant passing traffic.

Successful applicants from previous rounds of the business facade grant are eligible to apply only if they have fully acquitted the grant process.

Council reserves the right to approve or refuse an application based on colour, material or method of execution as it considers appropriate.

Application process

July 2024

Applicants can discuss whether their proposed facade works are eligible by contacting or calling 1300 656 564. Applicants can contact the planning department to determine if a planning permit is required for the facade works, what is needed and if any heritage considerations are to be included. Before contacting, please view the VicSmart Planning Permit information here: VicSmart Planning Permit Information ( This is also a good time to start obtaining two quotes for the facade works, ideally from local contractors.

Please Note: you do not need to submit a planning permit application prior to your BFI grant application. If all the required documents are attached to your grant application a planning permit decision can be made at the time of the grant assessment.

12 July 2024

Applications open. Applicants complete the online application form below with attached ‘before photos’, owner’s permission, quotes, and plans for the facade works.

16 September 2024

Applications close. Applications will not be considered after this date.

September / October 2024

An internal panel enters all applications into an assessment matrix and provides a report with recommendations to council.

November 2024

Councillors review the report, all applications, and recommendations before making the final decision as to which application will be funded.

December 2024

All applicants are notified as to whether they have been successful or not. Successful applicants must complete and grant paperwork including the signed grant agreement. Once the grant agreement is signed and returned, the applicant can start the facade works. Works cannot begin before this date; the guidelines specify that works will not be funded retrospectively.

Before 31 May 2025

Before this date successful applicants must provide photos of the finished works, copies of the invoices for the works and an invoice address to council for the agreed grant amount.

Before 30 June 2025

All grant recipients with completed works that provided the required documentation will receive grant funds from council before this date.

Property owners or business operators considering making an application must discuss their potential project with council through its business support service, to ensure any potential issues are managed early and all planning requirements can be met. Applicants are also encouraged to seek professional advice from suitably qualified local architects or designers to assist with the development of the proposed improvements.


Begin your application

For further information

Please contact Bron Beaumont, Economic Development Officer or 1300 656 564