Irvine Reserve Master Plan

Ongoing consultation


Irvine Reserve is an important recreation facility in the heart of Peterborough.  The importance of useable and accessible open space has been raised as a priority for the community through consultation for Moyne Shire’s Open Space Strategy.  In addition, the residents have advocated for and achieved improvements for a number of township projects. Council also supported the community with the installation of a new cricket practice net at the Reserve in early 2019.

The Irvine Reserve Master Plan has been developed from a program of consultation with residents, Reserve user groups and Moyne Shire Council, background research on recreation trends, local and regional development projects and a headline assessment of key township open space and other assets.  The Plan recognises the informal and primarily passive recreation role of the Reserve within the Peterborough township.

The Plan was developed as a guide to inform future development and investment in the Reserve. 

Key Outcomes and Objectives

  • An increased need for passive and active recreation
  • An increased community emphasis on health and wellbeing through walking and cycling tracks
  • Well-planned play spaces have the ability to not only provide children with opportunities to develop their sensory and fine motor skills, balance and fitness, but also allows for socialising and engagement for children and adults
  • Green spaces and water systems which intersperse, connect and provide vital life support for both humans and other species within our urban environments
  • Large patches of open space including native vegetation that enhances wildlife and provides refuge areas
  • Grassed areas such as parklands and sport and recreation areas cater for both organised and passive recreation
  • Wetlands which assist to manage stormwater runoff, also offer a safe haven and habitat for wildlife


Stakeholder Consultation

Council endorsed plans for the Irvine Reserve open space facilities during its Council meeting in August 2019. The Master Plan was developed in consultation with community, Council and project stakeholders. Council thanks residents of Peterborough and community groups including the Tennis Club and Residents Group for their contribution and aspirations. 

Design Themes

  • Re-fencing of tennis court area, and through line marking, create a multipurpose court space
  • Move cricket pitch from centre of the open space to re-align with tennis court area
  • Re-align Fiji Street to within the Road Reserve with turning bowl to reduce vehicular movement in the reserve and install bollards and trees with informal seating to provide safe passage for users of the reserve
  • Construct a carpark off Halladale Street
  • Construct a small boardwalk including seating and bird hides to the southern end of the northern wetland
  • Install walking trails around the Reserve that link into the nature play space and structured recreation spaces
  • Install seating around the Reserve trail network and a shade shelter with picnic settings near nature play space
  • Create a nature play space providing creative, sensory and investigative play, incorporated with native indigenous plantings to enhance the site


The implementation of the Irvine Reserve Master Plan will be funded by the Federal Government, as part of the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program. The project has been allocated $440,000 and will create opportunities for local contractors, stimulating the local economy.  



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