A new Economic Development Strategy

About Economic Development

  • Economic development is about more than jobs and businesses, it's about people. It's about creating excellent places for people to live, work, visit and invest.
  • It's about having long term visions with short term plans to achieve the big goals.
  • It's sometimes called ecodev and involves working with new and existing businesses; small operations and large industries; grants and funding opportunities; farming, tourism, retail, health, hospitality and other sectors; exporting; innovation and technology; community involvement; land use and town planning; business growth; networking; research and science; training and education; regional initiatives and much more...
  • Councils play a role by creating long-term strategies. To give you an idea of the kinds of activities that fall under economic development, check out the State Government's site.


What is an Economic Development Strategy?

In October 2018, Council began working on a new Economic Development Strategy. It's a plan to guide economic growth in the Shire. The Strategy will guide Council, in partnership with stakeholders, to develop and enhance a sustainable local economy. It outlines priorities and initiatives to support the economic growth and livability of our region. The project is supported by Regional Development Victoria's Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund.

The Strategy will have three parts:

EDS model 2.jpg


What does this mean for you?

Businesses and communities benefit by:

  • having a shared, long-term vision. This can guide decision making on so many things! Like the types of events we host, the kinds of major investments we attract, how our towns are shaped into the future to serve the needs of residents, the types of new residents and business we attract to live and work here, the ways our industries develop to be more innovative and sustainable.
  • having a Shire-wide plan that can help people make decisions about where to invest time and energy in growing or diversifying their business. For example, what are the opportunities for tourism businesses to better leverage our agricultural sector? 
  • defining the ways to improve our towns. This might mean better signage, wifi, shops, services or parks. It could mean better supports for home-based businesses. It might mean encouraging buildings and infrastructure to be greener or more efficient.
  • giving Council a plan for the long and short term. This might involve training and workshops. It could be improving Council's planning and permit processes. Or collaborating on a regional level to put the Great South Coast on the map.
  • These are all just examples and ideas...get involved to shape how the Strategy can benefit you!


What is the process and timeline?

Background. Council is working with SED Advisory to deliver the Strategy. SED will produce a detailed Background Report. This information, combined with rich data from the surveys and consultations, will inform the Action Plan. 

Consultation with business, industry and community. This stage began in September 2018 and will finish in late January 2019. Consultation is the most important part of the Strategy and so far we have collected strong feedback about the aspirations, expertise and experience of our region's employers and employees, local business owners, service providers and community groups. This stage has included interviews, phone calls, community sessions, workshops, meetings and an online survey. There will also be a visitor questionnaire to find out more about our tourism sector.

Draft. A draft Strategy will be released for public comment in early 2019. Stay updated on this here.

Implementation. When the draft and review stage is complete, a final Strategy will be formally adopted by Council. We will post updated information on this page as the project takes shape.


What should you do? 

  • Read the Draft Strategy when it is released in late January or February 2019 and let us know what you think. We will update this page with a copy of the Draft Strategy for public review.
  • Contact Loren Tuck on ecodev@moyne.vic.gov.au or call 5568 0573.

 Consultation list as at January 22, 2019

 Round two - draft open for public comment Dates and details

Online release of draft Strategy for public comment

Exact date TBA 
Release of hard copies of draft Strategy for public

Hard copies of the draft Strategy will be available for viewing
and comment at Council offices. Exact dates TBA.

Mortlake Shire Office, Dunlop St, Mortlake
Port Fairy Shire Office, Princes St Port Fairy

Meetings and/or drop-in sessions for discussion
of draft Strategy

Sessions will be held in the following towns for businesses
to provide feedback on the draft Strategy:
Port Fairy

Exact dates, times and locations TBA.

Round one consultation Dates and details

Local businesses and residents survey - closed on 18 December 2018
Visitor survey - closed on 10 January, 2019

Tourism and Traders focus group

Monday 3 December 3 2018, 6-7.30pm
Charlie's on East, Port Fairy
All owners and staff of tourism, hospitality
and retail businesses are encouraged to come along.

Wind Farm industry focus group COMPLETE
Wednesday 6 December 2018, in Mortlake
Construction, housing and planning focus group COMPLETE
Thursday 7 December 2018, in Warrnambool
Invitations have been sent. If you would like to be involved
please contact Loren Tuck on 5568 0573.
 Mortlake business focus group

Monday 17 December 2018, 5.30-7pm
Tri Mo Cafe, 122 Dunlop St, Mortlake
All businesses from Mortlake and surrounding townships, including
Hawkesdale, Dundonnell, Woolsthorpe and Woorndoo, are
encouraged to come along. 

 Koroit business focus group COMPLETE
Thursday 17 January 2019, 5.30-7pm
Blackwood Centre, Commercial Rd, Koroit
All businesses from Koroit and surrounding townships are
encouraged to come along.

Community and resident groups

Interviews and meetings are almost complete.

We are trying to meet with all groups in person,
but may not be able to see everyone. 
If you would like to provide one-on-one feedback, either with Council 
staff or confidentially through the consultants please contact
Loren Tuck 5568 0573 before 20 January, 2019. 

Other local industry and business groups

Interviews and meetings are almost complete.

We are trying to phone or meet with as many businesses as possible. 
If you would like to provide one-on-one feedback, either with Council
staff or confidentially through the consultants please contact
Loren Tuck on 5568 0573 before 20 January, 2019.