A new Economic Development Strategy

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In October 2018, Council began working on a new Economic Development Strategy.

What is an Economic Development Strategy?

It's a plan to guide economic growth in the Shire. The Strategy will guide Council, in partnership with stakeholders, to develop and enhance a sustainable local economy. The purpose is to outline priorities and initiatives to support the economic growth and liveability of our region. It's all about proactively working to make sure Moyne stays an attractive place for people to live, work, invest and visit.

The project is supported by Regional Development Victoria's Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund.

The Strategy will have three parts:

A background report. An analysis of our current economic landscape, based on current data and existing reports or strategies. This report considers our regional positioning and key sectors. What are our strengths, challenges and opportunities? 

A framework. An overarching vision to outline the Shire's long term goals for jobs, businesses, industry and other socio-economic elements of our future. What is our big-picture thinking? Where do we want to be?

An action plan. A 5-year plan of initiatives, tasks and projects. Actions will be measurable and realistic. How do we achieve our long term goals? What are our priorities for the future? Who is responsible for what? How do we get there together?

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What's the process and timeline?

Research. Council is working with SED Advisory to deliver the Strategy. They will begin by producing a detailed Background Report. This information, combined with rich data from consultation session, will inform the Action Plan. 

Business, industry and community consultation. This stage will occur from October 2018 - January 2019 and is the most important part of the Strategy. We'll be listening to key stakeholders to understand what you think is important in achieving a thriving local economy. We intend to leverage the aspirations, expertise and experience of our region's employers and employees, local business owners, service providers and community groups. 

Please contribute freely and openly. Think big and long term, think small and detailed. This is a great chance for people involved in our local economy to have their say. 

To make sure the Strategy best meets the needs of people who live and work here, SED Advisory will consult with community, industry and other stakeholders across the region. This includes interviews, phone calls, workshops, meetings and an online survey. Community sessions will be held in a number of localities to determine what opportunities and issues are most relevant. Locations to be confirmed shortly.

Draft. Further consultation will be undertaken in early 2019 with a draft Strategy released for Council and public comment in February or March 2019.

Implementation. When the draft and review stage is complete, a final Strategy will be formally adopted by Council. We will post updated information on this page as the project takes shape.