Planning Permits

Find a brief overview of the planning permit process from pre-application to issuing a decision below:

1. Pre-application meeting

At a pre-application meeting, Council’s Planning Officers will be able to explain the provisions of the Moyne Planning Scheme and policy that are relevant to the proposed development.

A pre-application meeting will allow applicants to obtain initial advice from Council on their proposal and to confirm the type of information they will need to submit with their planning application. These meetings ensure that applicants have an understanding of the relevant planning policy and legislation to present a detailed application, which ultimately serves to save time and money later.

However, whilst the Planning Officer can provide guidance on the potential issues and overall direction in the application, they cannot provide a definitive ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer at this stage. All advice provided by Council regarding a formed decision is given without prejudice.

To arrange a pre-application meeting, please contact the Moyne Planning Department on (03) 5568 0555, or email us at
2. Preliminary assessment / further information

Once a planning permit is submitted, Council will undertake a preliminary assessment of the proposal.

Council may also request any further information that may be required about the application. Council will not further consider the application until the requested information has been received.
3. Notification

Council will give notice of the application if determined to be necessary by either:

  • Sending notices to owners and occupiers of adjoining and adjacent land;
  • Requiring a notice (generally a sign) to be placed on the land;
  • Placing a notice in the local newspaper;
  • Or a combination of these.

An application is placed on notice for a minimum period of 14 days. People notified are able to view your application and may make a submission to Council.

If the number of notices to be sent is greater than 10, or notice is given in a local newspaper, a fee may apply to cover Council's administrative costs.

Any person who may be affected by the granting of the permit may lodge an objection to an application. For more information about objections, please see Objections and Appeals.
4. Referral

Council will refer an application to any Referral Authorities as outlined by the planning scheme or to which it considers may have an interest in the application. In most circumstances Referral Authorities have 28 days in which to provide comment on an application.

Council may also refer the application to any other public authority or group that may have an interest in the application. To learn more about Referral Authorities, please see Referral Authorities.
5. Decision

Council will consider any objections received and the response of any referral authority and assess the proposal against the Moyne Planning Scheme.

Some applications may be decided by Planning Officers under delegation, while others will be decided by the Moyne Shire Council at a Council Meeting. Planning Officers are in regular contact with permit applicants to discuss applications and the applicable decision making process.

All permit decisions include permit conditions, and may require changes to a proposal or have ongoing management requirements.

Following this, Council will either:

  • Issue a Planning Permit;
  • Issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit
  • Issue a Notice of Refusal to Grant a Permit

    Please note, a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit is not a planning permit. It is a legal notice that is issued when the Moyne Shire Council supports a planning application, where objections have been received.