Peterborough Streetscape


Council together with the Peterborough Residents Group are working in partnership to complete design plans and costings for streetscape improvements for main centre of the town of Peterborough. 

The project will focus on the main retail and business area along Macs Road between Blair and Irvine Streets, and Irvine Street from the Great Ocean Road to the James Irvine Monument car park.  The plans and costings will be used for budget allocations and to source funding support for the upgrade works.

Project study area

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How will the Plan be developed?

The project will include:

  • Collation of community and visitor ideas on what they value about Peterborough and the study area
  • Assessment of existing key features, assets, installations, connections, uses and design elements
  • Development of concept plans for community and Council input and review
  • Final Streetscape Plan and costings for proposed works


What will the Plan consider?

Development of plans to include the following design considerations:

  • The natural and built features and characteristics of the township and district and the cultural and environmental values and heritage of the area
  • The needs of residents and visitors including promotion of the town, its services and attractions
  • Maintenance and renewal of any installations given the coastal location and conditions
  • Street tree planting and streetscape landscaping / shading
  • Street lighting, furniture and signage including interpretative and directional signage
  • Protection and retention of views, vistas and open spaces
  • Parking and pedestrian treatments to improve accessibility and safety
  • Provide guidance on key / critical engineering issues associated with proposed works.
  • Provision of plans and costings to a standard and stage that will support budget allocations, funding applications and fundraising.
  • Options for staging of works.


How can I be involved?

As part of stage 1 of the project we invite you to take part in an online survey to capture ideas and values and what is important to consider for the Plan.   The survey will open  10 January 2022 and close 10am on  31 January 2022.

You can access the survey here:

Hard copies of the survey with reply paid envelopes are also available from local Peterborough shops and businesses and at the caravan park.

Save the date

A program of community workshops, drop in sessions and a town walk is being planned for 19 and 20 February 2022. 

More details will be provided on this webpage, through Council and community social media, and through posters and flyers in town closer to the time.