Open Space Strategy

Open space

The Open Space Strategy is a key strategic planning document for Council, Council partners and stakeholders in open space and will inform the direction for open space in Moyne Shire over a 15-year period. It will be reviewed every five years. Regular updates and reporting will also be undertaken by the Strategy governance group.

The Strategy has been developed from extensive background research and consultation. Trends in play and recreation, understanding of economic and visitor activities associated with open space, assessment of existing open space and assets across the Shire and current and future planning policy have all been considered.

The Strategy is divided into 4 primary documents:

  • Background and Supporting Evidence
  • Open Space Strategy
  • Action Plan
  • Executive Summary

The Strategy focuses on our core open space assets to provide a clear direction for Council.

Core open space is defined as:

Recreation parklands and gardens - land which may have some modifications to support community social interaction, active recreation leisure and well-being uses, including natural appreciation and reflection

Sporting fields and outdoor courts - land which has been modified to support structured sports and recreation.

Whilst the Strategy does not directly include conservation areas, national parks, beaches and foreshores, it acknowledges their importance to our community. They have an increasing role in providing varied recreation and nature-based experiences to residents and visitors and for the protection of flora and fauna habitats and was highlighted in the consultation undertaken whilst developing the Strategy, that providing quality open space isimportant.

Not every community has a specific project under the 5-year flagship projects – but Shirewide open space planning and development projects are applicable to all communities.