Koroit Streetscape

Submissions closing on 31 March 2021, 10:59 PM


The Koroit Streetscape Plan is being developed in response to community feedback from the footpath project completed in early 2020 and to support amenity, safety and township improvements for businesses, residents and visitors.  

The project will focus on: 

  • The main retail and business area along Commercial Road
  • Options for improvements to High Street linking Tower Hill with the main township and 
  • Options for improved primary entry points to the town.  

The plans and costings will be used for budget allocations and to source funding support for the upgrade works.  The primary study area is shown in the map below.




Development of plans to include the following design considerations:

  • Pavement treatments to the main retail and business area of Commercial Road
  • Consider the installation of cultural flags / banners along Commercial Road and options for similar along High Street
  • Street tree planting and streetscape landscaping / shading
  • Street lighting, furniture and interpretative and directional signage 
  • Protection and retention of the heritage features of the streetscape whilst giving consideration and recommendation for building façade upgrades and retention / renewal to veranda installations
  • Parking and pedestrian treatments to improve accessibility and safety
  • Treatments for key entry points into the township
  • Provide guidance on key / critical engineering issues associated with proposed works.
  • Provision of plans and costings to a standard and stage that will support budget allocations, funding applications and fundraising.
  • Options for staging of works.

In addition, the project will also be looking at 

  • Opportunities for the Village Green area near the Blackwood centre to improve the area as a community, events or other site activation ideas.  
  • Estimated costings and requirements for the undergrounding of power lines along the main study area of Commercial Road.

So as part of the first stage of community consultation we are seeking input from businesses, residents and organisations within main study area of Commercial Road.  This will help identify key themes and issues that will be considered in the development of a project directions and option paper.  Broader community consultation will occur once this document is prepared. 

Given the current COVID-19 restrictions on meetings, we are undertaking this first stage consultation here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/96NT3GK  by Friday 31st July.  We really appreciate your contribution to this important project for the community of Koroit.